A. Govardhan

According to our database1, A. Govardhan authored at least 41 papers between 2008 and 2019.

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Cost Minimization Through Load Balancing and Effective Resource Utilization in Cloud-Based Web Services.
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An Extensive Review on Data Mining Methods and Clustering Models for Intelligent Transportation System.
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Relevance- and Frequency-Enabled Trip Planning Model Based on Socio-economic Status.
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Mining Spatial Association Rules to Automatic Grouping of Spatial Data Objects Using Multiple Kernel-Based Probabilistic Clustering.
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A novel approach for similarity and indexing-based ontology for semantic web educational system.
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QoS Web Service Security Dynamic Intruder Detection System for HTTP SSL services.
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Touch-less palm print recognition system based on fusion of local and global features.
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Web Server Protection against Application Layer DDoS Attacks Using Machine Learning and Traffic Authentication.
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Optimal Kernel and Wavelet Coefficients to Support Vector Regression Model and Wavelet Neural Network for Time Series Rainfall Prediction.
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Mining Frequent Itemsets (MFI) over Data Streams: Variable Window Size (VWS) by Context Variation Analysis (CVA) of the Streaming Transactions.
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Phishing Detection in IMs using Domain Ontology and CBA - An innovative Rule Generation Approach.
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Front End Data Cleaning And Transformation In Standard Printed Form Using Neural Models.
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Improve the Classifier Accuracy for Continuous Attributes in Biomedical Datasets Using a New Discretization Method.
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DC (Drought Classifier): Forecasting and Classification of Drought Using Association Rules.
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Extracting useful rules through improved decision tree induction using information entropy
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Scalable Distributed Job Processing with Dynamic Load Balancing.
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Gcube Indexing.
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A Conceptual Metadata Framework for Spatial Data Warehouse.
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A semantically enriched web usage based recommendation model
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Drag and Drop: Influences on the Design of Reusable Software Components
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Intelligent Semantic Web Search Engines: A Brief Survey
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Corpus Based Extractive Document Summarization for Indic Script.
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Self-Configurable Scheduling Algorithm for Heterogeneous Computing Systems.
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A framework for interoperable healthcare information systems.
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A smart card based remote user authentication scheme.
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Use of Data Mining Techniques in Understanding Home Interview Surveys Employed for Travel Demand Estimation.
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An Image-Based Website User Authentication Mechanism Using Smart Card.
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