Abel J. P. Gomes

According to our database1, Abel J. P. Gomes authored at least 53 papers between 1991 and 2019.

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Contour Enhancement Algorithm for Improving Visual Perception of Deutan and Protan Dichromats.
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xTrek: An Influence-Aware Technique for Dijkstra's and A* Pathfinders.
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Part-Based Mesh Segmentation: A Survey.
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Computational Efficiency Improvement for Analyzing Bending and Tensile Behavior of Woven Fabric Using Strain Smoothing Method.
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A User Trust System for Online Games - Part II: A Subjective Logic Approach for Trust Inference.
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A User Trust System for Online Games - Part I: An Activity Theory Approach for Trust Representation.
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Multi-GPU-based detection of protein cavities using critical points.
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A new tool for network analysis on team sports the ultimate performance analysis tool.
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Delegation Theory in the Design of Cross-Platform User Interfaces.
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A continuation algorithm for planar implicit curves with singularities.
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TouchAll: A Multi-Touch, Gestures, and Fiducials API for Flash/Action Script 3.0.
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