Christian Esposito

According to our database1, Christian Esposito authored at least 79 papers between 2008 and 2019.

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Localization and Detection of Targets in Underwater Wireless Sensor Using Distance and Angle Based Algorithms.
IEEE Access, 2019

Securing Collaborative Deep Learning in Industrial Applications Within Adversarial Scenarios.
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Integrity for an Event Notification Within the Industrial Internet of Things by Using Group Signatures.
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A coral-reefs and Game Theory-based approach for optimizing elastic cloud resource allocation.
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On the optimal tuning and placement of FEC codecs within multicasting trees for resilient publish/subscribe services in edge-IoT architectures.
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Information theoretic-based detection and removal of slander and/or false-praise attacks for robust trust management with Dempster-Shafer combination of linguistic fuzzy terms.
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Intelligent Power Equipment Management Based on Distributed Context-Aware Inference in Smart Cities.
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Blockchain: A Panacea for Healthcare Cloud-Based Data Security and Privacy?
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Cloud Reliability: Possible Sources of Security and Legal Issues?
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Trust management for distributed heterogeneous systems by using linguistic term sets and hierarchies, aggregation operators and mechanism design.
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Improving the gossiping effectiveness with distributed strategic learning (Invited paper).
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A collaborative clinical analysis service based on theory of evidence, fuzzy linguistic sets and prospect theory and its application to craniofacial disorders in infants.
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A secure and resilient cross-domain SIP solution for MANETs using dynamic clustering and joint spatial and temporal redundancy.
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Challenges in Delivering Software in the Cloud as Microservices.
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