Guo-Sen Xie

According to our database1, Guo-Sen Xie authored at least 36 papers between 2014 and 2021.

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Semantically Meaningful Class Prototype Learning for One-Shot Image Semantic Segmentation.
CoRR, 2021

Exploiting Web Images for Multi-Output Classification: From Category to Subcategories.
IEEE Trans. Neural Networks Learn. Syst., 2020

SRSC: Selective, Robust, and Supervised Constrained Feature Representation for Image Classification.
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Discriminative margin-sensitive autoencoder for collective multi-view disease analysis.
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Cross Domain Mean Approximation for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation.
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CDIMC-net: Cognitive Deep Incomplete Multi-view Clustering Network.
Proceedings of the Twenty-Ninth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2020

Classification Constrained Discriminator For Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, 2020

Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Noise Resistible Mutual-Training for Person Re-identification.
Proceedings of the Computer Vision - ECCV 2020, 2020

Region Graph Embedding Network for Zero-Shot Learning.
Proceedings of the Computer Vision - ECCV 2020, 2020

Web-Supervised Network with Softly Update-Drop Training for Fine-Grained Visual Classification.
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Scene classification-oriented saliency detection via the modularized prescription.
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Scalable Supervised Asymmetric Hashing With Semantic and Latent Factor Embedding.
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Fusion linear representation-based classification.
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Discriminant Zero-Shot Learning with Center Loss.
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Neutrosophic Set Transformation Matrix Factorization Based Active Contours for Color Texture Segmentation.
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Beyond Attributes: High-Order Attribute Features for Zero-Shot Learning.
Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops, 2019

Attentive Region Embedding Network for Zero-Shot Learning.
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2019

SADIH: Semantic-Aware DIscrete Hashing.
Proceedings of the Thirty-Third AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2019

Hybrid of extended locality-constrained linear coding and manifold ranking for salient object detection.
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Approximately optimizing NDCG using pair-wise loss.
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Image Thresholding Segmentation on Quantum State Space.
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Video super-resolution based on spatial-temporal recurrent residual networks.
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Accelerating Infinite Ensemble of Clustering by Pivot Features.
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From Class-Specific to Class-Mixture: Cascaded Feature Representations via Restricted Boltzmann Machine Learning.
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LG-CNN: From local parts to global discrimination for fine-grained recognition.
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SDE: A Novel Selective, Discriminative and Equalizing Feature Representation for Visual Recognition.
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Retargeted Multi-View Feature Learning With Separate and Shared Subspace Uncovering.
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Age progression: Current technologies and applications.
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Computational Face Reader.
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Task-Driven Feature Pooling for Image Classification.
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Integrating supervised subspace criteria with restricted Boltzmann Machine for feature extraction.
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