Jaroslaw Duda

  • Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland

According to our database1, Jaroslaw Duda authored at least 51 papers between 2007 and 2022.

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Pseudorandom Bit Generation with Asymmetric Numeral Systems.
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Predicting conditional probability distributions of redshifts of Active Galactic Nuclei using Hierarchical Correlation Reconstruction.
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Fast optimization of common basis for matrix set through Common Singular Value Decomposition.
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Context binning, model clustering and adaptivity for data compression of genetic data.
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ANS-based Compression and Encryption with 128-bit Security.
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Encoding of probability distributions for Asymmetric Numeral Systems.
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Planning an experiment in a virtual environment reality as a place of research on human behaviour using methods of neuroscience measurement - bibliometric analysis and methodological approach.
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Impact of the healthcare potential in the European countries on infections and mortality caused by Covid-19.
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Best practices of neurophysiological data collection for media message evaluation in social campaigns.
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Method for Selecting an Engagement Index for a Specific Type of Game Using Cognitive Neuroscience.
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On the effectiveness of using virtual reality games in social marketing.
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Nearly accurate solutions for Ising-like models using Maximal Entropy Random Walk.
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Modelling bid-ask spread conditional distributions using hierarchical correlation reconstruction.
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SGD momentum optimizer with step estimation by online parabola model.
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Parametric context adaptive Laplace distribution for multimedia compression.
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Toroidal AutoEncoder.
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Improving SGD convergence by tracing multiple promising directions and estimating distance to minimum.
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Credibility evaluation of income data with hierarchical correlation reconstruction.
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Gaussian Auto-Encoder.
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Exploiting statistical dependencies of time series with hierarchical correlation reconstruction.
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Hierarchical correlation reconstruction with missing data.
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Polynomial-based rotation invariant features.
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P=?NP as minimization of degree 4 polynomial, or Grassmann number problem.
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Lightweight compression with encryption based on Asymmetric Numeral Systems.
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Practical estimation of rotation distance and induced partial order for binary trees.
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Nonuniform probability modulation for reducing energy consumption of remote sensors.
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Distortion-Resistant Hashing for rapid search of similar DNA subsequence.
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Designing dedicated data compression for physics experiments within FPGA already used for data acquisition.
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Embedding grayscale halftone pictures in QR Codes using Correction Trees
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Optimal compression of hash-origin prefix trees
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Correction Trees as an Alternative to Turbo Codes and Low Density Parity Check Codes
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Asymmetric numeral systems
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Polynomial algorithm for graph isomorphism problem
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Complex base numeral systems
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Optimal encoding on discrete lattice with translational invariant constrains using statistical algorithms
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