Jian Peng

According to our database1, Jian Peng authored at least 22 papers between 2003 and 2019.

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An improved algorithm for dispatching the minimum number of electric charging vehicles for wireless sensor networks.
Wireless Networks, 2019

Implementing real-time RCF-Retinex image enhancement method using CUDA.
J. Real-Time Image Processing, 2019

Utility Maximization of Temporally Correlated Sensing Data in Energy Harvesting Sensor Networks.
IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2019

Real-Time Detection of Apple Leaf Diseases Using Deep Learning Approach Based on Improved Convolutional Neural Networks.
IEEE Access, 2019

Towards Low-Cost Yet High-Performance Sensor Networks by Deploying a Few Ultra-fast Charging Battery Powered Sensors.
Sensors, 2018

Charge critical sensors first: Minimize data loss in wireless rechargeable sensor networks.
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Maximizing Charging Satisfaction of Smartphone Users via Wireless Energy Transfer.
IEEE Trans. Mob. Comput., 2017

Erratum to "Low-Cost Collaborative Mobile Charging for Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks".
IEEE Trans. Mob. Comput., 2017

Low-Cost Collaborative Mobile Charging for Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks.
IEEE Trans. Mob. Comput., 2017

Avoidance of energy hole problem based on feedback mechanism for heterogeneous sensor networks.
IJDSN, 2017

Improving charging capacity for wireless sensor networks by deploying one mobile vehicle with multiple removable chargers.
Ad Hoc Networks, 2017

Passengers' choices on airport drop-off service: A decision forecast based on social learning and machine learning.
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Intelligence Systems, 2016

Charging your smartphones on public commuters via wireless energy transfer.
Proceedings of the 34th IEEE International Performance Computing and Communications Conference, 2015

A Flow-Partitioned Unequal Clustering Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks.
IJDSN, 2014

Energy-Efficient Prediction Clustering Algorithm for Multilevel Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks.
IJDSN, 2013

Research on the Energy Hole Problem Based on Non-uniform Node Distribution for Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Energy efficient prediction clustering algorithm for multilevel heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
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Early Prediction of Temporal Sequences Based on Information Transfer.
Proceedings of the Web-Age Information Management - 12th International Conference, 2011

A Grid Resource Scheduling Algorithm Based on the Utility Optimization.
Proceedings of the Complex Sciences, 2009

Research on Dynamic Reputation Management Model Based on PageRank.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering, 2008

A Distributed Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Model for P2P Networks.
Proceedings of the Collaborative Computing: Networking, 2008

Research and Implementation of the Real-Time Middleware in Open System.
Proceedings of the Grid and Cooperative Computing, Second International Workshop, 2003