Johannes Wagner

According to our database1, Johannes Wagner authored at least 56 papers between 2004 and 2020.

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A Generic Human-Machine Annotation Framework Based on Dynamic Cooperative Learning.
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eXplainable Cooperative Machine Learning with NOVA.
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Towards Robust Speech Emotion Recognition Using Deep Residual Networks for Speech Enhancement.
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Infected Phonemes: How a Cold Impairs Speech on a Phonetic Level.
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The NoXi database: multimodal recordings of mediated novice-expert interactions.
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Social Signal Interpretation: Building Online Systems for Multimodal Behaviour Analysis.
PhD thesis, 2016

MobileSSI - A Multi-modal Framework for Social Signal Interpretation on Mobile Devices.
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Ask Alice: an artificial retrieval of information agent.
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Laughter detection in the wild: demonstrating a tool for mobile social signal processing and visualization.
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The Belfast storytelling database: A spontaneous social interaction database with laughter focused annotation.
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XIM-engine: a software framework to support the development of interactive applications that uses conscious and unconscious reactions in immersive mixed reality.
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An Event Driven Fusion Approach for Enjoyment Recognition in Real-time.
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Advanced interfaces to stem the data deluge in mixed reality: placing human (un)consciousness in the loop.
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The social signal interpretation (SSI) framework: multimodal signal processing and recognition in real-time.
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Using phonetic patterns for detecting social cues in natural conversations.
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NovA: Automated Analysis of Nonverbal Signals in Social Interactions.
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A sensing architecture for empathetic data systems.
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Physiological Measurement of Trust-Related Behavior in Trust-Neutral and Trust-Critical Situations.
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The AVLaughterCycle Database.
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Cleanly: trashducation urban system.
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