K. S. Nisar

  • Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

According to our database1, K. S. Nisar authored at least 53 papers between 2013 and 2023.

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New discussion regarding approximate controllability for Sobolev-type fractional stochastic hemivariational inequalities of order r∈(1, 2).
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Numerical study of generalized 2-D nonlinear Schrödinger equation using Kansa method.
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Integrated Neuro-Evolution-Based Computing Paradigm to Study the COVID-19 Transposition and Severity in Romania and Pakistan.
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Some Inequalities for LR- $$\left({h}_{1}, {h}_{2}\right)$$ h 1 , h 2 -Convex Interval-Valued Functions by Means of Pseudo Order Relation.
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Modified Optical Burst Switching (OBS) Based Edge Node Architecture Using Real-Time Scheduling Techniques.
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MPPT Control Paradigms for PMSG-WECS: A Synergistic Control Strategy With Gain-Scheduled Sliding Mode Observer.
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Energy Reduction Through Memory Aware Real-Time Scheduling on Virtual Machine in Multi-Cores Server.
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Adaptive Transceiver Architecture With QoS Provision for OCDMA Network Based on Logic Gates.
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Impact of Nonlinear Thermal Radiation on the Time-Dependent Flow of Non-Newtonian Nanoliquid over a Permeable Shrinking Surface.
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A Novel Numerical Algorithm to Estimate the Subdivision Depth of Binary Subdivision Schemes.
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Symmetric MHD Channel Flow of Nonlocal Fractional Model of BTF Containing Hybrid Nanoparticles.
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Entropy Generation and Consequences of MHD in Darcy-Forchheimer Nanofluid Flow Bounded by Non-Linearly Stretching Surface.
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Hydromagnetic Flow of Micropolar Nanofluid.
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Numerical Simulation of Drag Reduction on a Square Rod Detached with Two Control Rods at Various Gap Spacing via Lattice Boltzmann Method.
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Numerical Analysis of Fluid Forces for Flow Past a Square Rod with Detached Dual Control Rods at Various Gap Spacing.
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Stability Analysis and Dual Solutions of Micropolar Nanofluid over the Inclined Stretching/Shrinking Surface with Convective Boundary Condition.
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Convective Effect on Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Stagnation Point Flow of Casson Fluid over a Vertical Exponentially Stretching/Shrinking Surface: Triple Solutions.
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Magnetized Flow of Cu + Al2O3 + H2O Hybrid Nanofluid in Porous Medium: Analysis of Duality and Stability.
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Lie Symmetry Analysis, Explicit Solutions and Conservation Laws of a Spatially Two-Dimensional Burgers-Huxley Equation.
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Fourth-Order Difference Approximation for Time-Fractional Modified Sub-Diffusion Equation.
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Numerical simulation for bioconvection effects on MHD flow of Oldroyd-B nanofluids in a rotating frame stretching horizontally.
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A numerical efficient splitting method for the solution of two dimensional susceptible infected recovered epidemic model of whooping cough dynamics: Applications in bio-medical engineering.
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Maximum Power Extraction Strategy for Variable Speed Wind Turbine System via Neuro-Adaptive Generalized Global Sliding Mode Controller.
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A Time Fractional Model With Non-Singular Kernal the Generalized Couette Flow of Couple Stress Nanofluid.
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A Time Fractional Model of Generalized Couette Flow of Couple Stress Nanofluid With Heat and Mass Transfer: Applications in Engine Oil.
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Gain-Scheduled Observer-Based Finite-Time Control Algorithm for an Automated Closed-Loop Insulin Delivery System.
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MHD Slip Flow of Casson Fluid along a Nonlinear Permeable Stretching Cylinder Saturated in a Porous Medium with Chemical Reaction, Viscous Dissipation, and Heat Generation/Absorption.
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Numerical Analysis with Keller-Box Scheme for Stagnation Point Effect on Flow of Micropolar Nanofluid over an Inclined Surface.
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Keller-Box Analysis of Buongiorno Model with Brownian and Thermophoretic Diffusion for Casson Nanofluid over an Inclined Surface.
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MHD Flow and Heat Transfer in Sodium Alginate Fluid with Thermal Radiation and Porosity Effects: Fractional Model of Atangana-Baleanu Derivative of Non-Local and Non-Singular Kernel.
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The Solutions of Non-Integer Order Burgers' Fluid Flowing through a Round Channel with Semi Analytical Technique.
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Unsteady Flow of Fractional Fluid between Two Parallel Walls with Arbitrary Wall Shear Stress Using Caputo-Fabrizio Derivative.
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Performance evaluation of newly constructed NZCC for SAC-OCDMA using direct detection technique.
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Some Inequalities of Čebyšev Type for Conformable <i>k</i>-Fractional Integral Operators.
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On Special Kinds of Involute and Evolute Curves in 4-Dimensional Minkowski Space.
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Symmetric Identities of Hermite-Bernoulli Polynomials and Hermite-Bernoulli Numbers Attached to a Dirichlet Character <i>χ</i>.
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