Marcin Jakub Kaminski

According to our database1, Marcin Jakub Kaminski authored at least 66 papers between 2006 and 2020.

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Parameterized complexity of independent set reconfiguration problems.
Discret. Appl. Math., 2020

Certifying coloring algorithms for graphs without long induced paths.
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Multigraphs without large bonds are wqo by contraction.
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Well-quasi-ordering H-contraction-free graphs.
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The Parameterized Complexity of Graph Cyclability.
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Preface: Algorithmic Graph Theory on the Adriatic Coast.
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The price of connectivity for feedback vertex set.
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Chain Minors are FPT.
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Scattered packings of cycles.
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Minimal disconnected cuts in planar graphs.
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Setup for Stereovision Simulation for Mutual Navigation of Satellites Formation.
Proceedings of the Challenges in Automation, Robotics and Measurement Techniques, 2016

Assessment of Graphene Coatings Influence on Tribological Properties of Surfaces.
Proceedings of the Challenges in Automation, Robotics and Measurement Techniques, 2016

Forbidding Kuratowski Graphs as Immersions.
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Induced minors and well-quasi-ordering.
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On the complexity of the identifiable subgraph problem.
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Beyond the Vizing's Bound for at Most Seven Colors.
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Induced packings of cycles.
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Detecting Fixed Patterns in Chordal Graphs in Polynomial Time.
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On the Parameterized Complexity for Token Jumping on Graphs.
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Reconfiguring Independent Sets in Claw-Free Graphs.
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Forbidden Induced Subgraphs and the Price of Connectivity for Feedback Vertex Set.
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Fixed-Parameter Tractability of Token Jumping on Planar Graphs.
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Increasing the minimum degree of a graph by contractions.
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Review of Boolean Models and Methods in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering by Yves Crama and Peter L. Hammer.
SIGACT News, 2013

A note on contracting claw-free graphs.
Discret. Math. Theor. Comput. Sci., 2013

Finding and listing induced paths and cycles.
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Characterizing graphs of small carving-width.
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Excluding Graphs as Immersions in Surface Embedded Graphs.
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max-cut and containment relations in graphs.
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Induced packing of odd cycles in planar graphs.
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Reconfiguration of list edge-colorings in a graph.
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On graph contractions and induced minors.
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Containment relations in split graphs.
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Finding Induced Paths of Given Parity in Claw-Free Graphs.
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The k-in-a-Path Problem for Claw-free Graphs.
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Contraction checking in graphs on surfaces.
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Finding an induced path of given parity in planar graphs in polynomial time.
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Induced Immersions.
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Shortest paths between shortest paths.
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Parameterizing cut sets in a graph by the number of their components.
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Contracting planar graphs to contractions of triangulations.
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Lift Contractions.
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On disconnected cuts and separators.
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Contracting a Chordal Graph to a Split Graph or a Tree.
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Finding Contractions and Induced Minors in Chordal Graphs via Disjoint Paths.
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Odd cyclic surface separators in planar graphs.
Proceedings of the 10th Cologne-Twente Workshop on graphs and combinatorial optimization. Extended Abstracts, 2011

A note on the subgraphs of the (2×∞)-grid.
Discret. Math., 2010

The Cops and Robber game on graphs with forbidden (induced) subgraphs.
Contributions Discret. Math., 2010

Deciding <i>k</i>-Colorability of <i>P</i><sub>5</sub>-Free Graphs in Polynomial Time.
Algorithmica, 2010

Approximating the Maximum 3- and 4-Edge-Colorable Subgraph.
Proceedings of the Algorithm Theory, 2010

On Contracting Graphs to Fixed Pattern Graphs.
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Contractions of Planar Graphs in Polynomial Time.
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On the Plane-Width of Graphs.
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Recent developments on graphs of bounded clique-width.
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MAX-CUT and MAX-BISECTION are NP-hard on unit disk graphs.
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An exact algorithm for MAX-CUT in sparse graphs.
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Maximum <i>k</i> -regular induced subgraphs.
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Deciding k-colourability of P_5-free graphs in polynomial time
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Coloring edges and vertices of graphs without short or long cycles.
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Polynomial-time algorithm for vertex k-colorability of P_5-free graphs
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