Ning Cai

According to our database1, Ning Cai authored at least 21 papers between 2010 and 2021.

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Energy-Constraint Output Formation for Networked Systems With Random Communication Silence and Switching Topologies.
IEEE Access, 2021

Analysis of journal evaluation indicators: an experimental study based on unsupervised Laplacian score.
Scientometrics, 2020

Correction to: Analysis of journal evaluation indicators: an experimental study based on unsupervised Laplacian score.
Scientometrics, 2020

Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Journal Impact Factor Dynamics Based on Submission and Citation Rules.
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A Social Computing-Based Analysis on Monogamous Marriage Puzzle of Human.
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On Almost Controllability of Dynamical Complex Networks with Noises.
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Adaptive Guaranteed-Performance Consensus Control for Multiagent Systems With an Adjustable Convergence Speed.
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Analysis of Effects to Journal Impact Factors Based on Citation Networks Generated via Social Computing.
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On Performance of Peer Review for Academic Journals: Analysis Based on Distributed Parallel System.
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Analysis of Peer Review Effectiveness for Academic Journals Based on Distributed Parallel System.
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Dynamical Response of Electrical Activities in Digital Neuron Circuit Driven by Autapse.
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A Distributed Parallel Model to Analyze Journal Impact Factors.
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On Non-Consensus Motions of Dynamical Linear Multi-Agent Systems.
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A Novel Clustering Method Based on Quasi-Consensus Motions of Dynamical Multiagent Systems.
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A Novel Clustering Approach Based on Group Quasi-Consensus of Unstable Dynamic Linear High-Order Multi-Agent Systems.
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Adaptive sliding mode dynamic controller with integrator in the loop for nonholonomic wheeled mobile robot trajectory tracking.
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Agent-Based Model for Rural-Urban Migration: A Dynamic Consideration.
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Almost Decouplability of any Directed Weighted Network Topology.
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