Qian Wang

According to our database1, Qian Wang authored at least 15 papers between 2016 and 2020.

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An Intelligent Data Uploading Selection Mechanism for Offloading Uplink Traffic of Cellular Networks.
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An optimal uplink traffic offloading algorithm via opportunistic communications based on machine learning.
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An Optimal Channel Occupation Time Adjustment Method for LBE in Unlicensed Spectrum.
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Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Service Migration Strategy for Edge Computing.
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A Credible and Lightweight Multidimensional Trust Evaluation Mechanism for Service-Oriented IoT Edge Computing Environment.
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A Data Uploading Strategy in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks Targeted on Dynamic Topology: Clustering and Cooperation.
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A Real-Time Task Offloading Strategy Based on Double Auction for Optimal Resource Allocation in Edge Computing.
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An Optimal LTE-U Access Method for Throughput Maximization and Fairness Assurance.
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A Heuristic Algorithm Based on Resource Requirements Forecasting for Server Placement in Edge Computing.
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A Time-constraint Satisfying and Cost-reducing node evaluation metric for Message Routing in Mobile Crowd Sensing Networks.
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