Rafael C. Cardoso

According to our database1, Rafael C. Cardoso authored at least 20 papers between 2013 and 2021.

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A Review of Agent-Based Programming for Multi-Agent Systems.
Comput., 2021

Towards Compositional Verification for Modular Robotic Systems.
Proceedings of the Proceedings Second Workshop on Formal Methods for Autonomous Systems, 2020

Adaptable and Verifiable BDI Reasoning.
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Agents and Robots for reliable Engineered Autonomy, 2020

LFC: Combining Autonomous Agents and Automated Planning in the Multi-Agent Programming Contest.
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ROSMonitoring: A Runtime Verification Framework for ROS.
Proceedings of the Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems - 21st Annual Conference, 2020

Heterogeneous Verification of an Autonomous Curiosity Rover.
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Runtime Verification of the ARIAC Competition: Can a Robot be Agile and Safe at the same time?
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LFC: Combining Autonomous Agents and Automated Planning in the Multi-Agent Programming Contest.
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Modular Verification of Autonomous Space Robotics.
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