Richard H. Y. So

According to our database1, Richard H. Y. So authored at least 18 papers between 1996 and 2017.

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How Does Parametric Reverberation Change the Space of Instrument Emotional Characteristics?
Proceedings of the 2017 International Computer Music Conference, 2017

Inferring targets from gaze.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing, 2014

The applied issues in visual perception and action: Preface to a special issue.
Displays, 2013

Benefits of Matching Accommodative Demands to Vergence Demands in a Binocular Head-Mounted Display: A Study on Stereo Fusion Times.
Presence, 2011

Effects of Spectral Manipulation on Nonindividualized Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs).
Human Factors, 2011

Virtual reality gaming for rehabilitation: an evaluation study with physio- and occupational therapists.
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Virtual Reality Continuum and its Applications in Industry, 2011

Could OKAN be an objective indicator of the susceptibility to visually induced motion sickness?
Proceedings of the IEEE Virtual Reality Conference, 2011

Isolating the Effects of Vection and Optokinetic Nystagmus on Optokinetic Rotation-Induced Motion Sickness.
Human Factors, 2009

Comparing Symptoms of Visually Induced Motion Sickness Among Viewers of Four Similar Virtual Environments with Different Color.
Proceedings of the Virtual Reality, 2007

A Search for Best Error Metrics to Predict Discrimination of Original and Spectrally Altered Musical Instrument Sounds.
Proceedings of the 2004 International Computer Music Conference, 2004

A Metric to Quantify Virtual Scene Movement for the Study of Cybersickness: Definition, Implementation, and Verification.
Presence, 2001

Effects of Navigation Speed on Motion Sickness Caused by an Immersive Virtual Environment.
Human Factors, 2001

Target-Directed Head Movements in a Head-Coupled Virtual Environment: Predicting the Effects of Lags Using Fitts' Law.
Human Factors, 1999

Cybersickness: An Experimental Study to Isolate the Effects of Rotational Scene Oscillations.
Proceedings of the IEEE Virtual Reality 1999 Conference, 1999

The Search For A Cybersickness Dose Value.
Proceedings of the Human-Computer Interaction: Ergonomics and User Interfaces, 1999

A Closed-Loop Approach for Integrating Human Factors into Systems Development: A Case Study Involving a Distributed Database System.
Proceedings of the Design of Computing Systems: Social and Ergonomic Considerations, 1997

Lag Compensation by Image Deflection and Prediction: A Review on the Potential Benefits to Virtual Training Applications for Manufacturing Industry.
Proceedings of the Design of Computing Systems: Social and Ergonomic Considerations, 1997

Experimental studies of the use of phase lead filters to compensate lags in head-coupled visual displays.
IEEE Trans. Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part A, 1996