Robert E. El-Kareh

According to our database1, Robert E. El-Kareh authored at least 19 papers between 2011 and 2019.

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An open access medical knowledge base for community driven diagnostic decision support system development.
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Structured override reasons for drug-drug interaction alerts in electronic health records.
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The Impact of Automatic Pre-annotation in Clinical Note Data Element Extraction - the CLEAN Tool.
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Development of an Electronic Trigger Tool for Identifying Inpatient Diagnostic Error.
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Technological Barriers to Situational Awareness in Laboratory Testing.
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A system to build distributed multivariate models and manage disparate data sharing policies: implementation in the scalable national network for effectiveness research.
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Problem list problems: A look into data integrity.
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Electronic Detection of Inpatient Diagnostic Error: A Scoping Review of Available "Triggers".
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Using Electronic Health Record Access to Infer Physician Follow-up After Handoffs.
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When you can't tell when it hurts: a preliminary algorithm to assess pain in patients who can't communicate.
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A patient-driven adaptive prediction technique to improve personalized risk estimation for clinical decision support.
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