Ronald E. Giachetti

According to our database1, Ronald E. Giachetti authored at least 26 papers between 1997 and 2017.

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System of systems architecture feasibility analysis to support tradespace exploration.
Proceedings of the 12th System of Systems Engineering Conference, 2017

Making the case for quality metrics for conceptual models in systems engineering.
Proceedings of the 12th System of Systems Engineering Conference, 2017

Evaluation of the DoDAF Meta-model's Support of Systems Engineering.
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An agent-based simulation model of human-robot team performance in military environments.
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Optimization-based decision support system for crew scheduling in the cruise industry.
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A Flexible Approach to Realize an Enterprise Architecture.
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A simulation study of interventions to reduce appointment lead-time and patient no-show rate.
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A Stochastic Mathematical Appointment Overbooking Model for Healthcare Providers to Improve Profits.
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Understanding Interdependence in Enterprise Systems: A Model and Measurement Formalism.
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Integrating hypermedia design concepts with a systems analysis and design methodology to develop manufacturing web applications.
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Knowledge management-centric help desk: specification and performance evaluation.
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Assessing the viability of an open access policy in an outpatient clinic: a discrete-event and continuous simulation modeling approach.
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A Research Framework for Operationalizing Measures of Enterprise Integration.
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A Design-Centric Activity-Based Cost Estimation Model for PCB Fabrication.
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Emergency departments II: a simulation-ilp based tool for scheduling ER staff.
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An object-oriented information model for manufacturability analysis of printed circuit board fabrication.
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Modeling Extensions for Object-Oriented Web Application Design.
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Toward Measuring the Scalability of Enterprise Information Systems.
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A standard manufacturing information model to support design for manufacturing in virtual enterprises.
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A decision support system for material and manufacturing process selection.
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A parametric representation of fuzzy numbers and their arithmetic operators.
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Analysis of the error in the standard approximation used for multiplication of triangular and trapezoidal fuzzy numbers and the development of a new approximation.
Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 1997

A methodology for the reduction of imprecision in the engineering process.
European Journal of Operational Research, 1997