Ross Smith

According to our database1, Ross Smith authored at least 34 papers between 1988 and 2020.

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Using computational ethnography to enhance the curation of real-world data (RWD) for chronic pain and invisible disability use cases.
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Semi-Supervised Learning Approach to Discover Enterprise User Insights from Feedback and Support.
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Developing a conversational agent with a globally distributed team: an experience report.
Proceedings of the ICGSE '20: 15th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Global Software Engineering, 2020

Assessing the Robustness of Conversational Agents using Paraphrases.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference On Artificial Intelligence Testing, 2019

BoTest: a Framework to Test the Quality of Conversational Agents Using Divergent Input Examples.
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Towards a Gamified Equivalent Mutants Detection Platform.
Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, 2017

Towards an ethical application of customer feedback data.
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Towards a Gamified System to Improve Translation for Online Meetings.
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Performance of MPI Codes Written in Python with NumPy and mpi4py.
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Why Play Matters at Work: Gamification is more than just a passing fad.
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Wall Relief: A Health-Oriented Interactive Installation for the Workplace Environment.
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uPEPperoni: An online tool for upstream open reading frame location and analysis of transcript conservation.
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Visualizing confusion matrices for multidimensional signal detection correlational methods.
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Crowdsourcing and Gamification of Enterprise Meeting Software Quality.
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Exploring the health benefits of an emoting water cooler.
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Productivity games to increase organizational trust: How gaming and fun in the workplace can develop a culture of trust and innovation.
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The future of work is play: Global shifts suggest rise in productivity games.
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Using games to improve productivity in software engineering.
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Successful Web-Based IT Support Services: Service Provider Perceptions of Stakeholder-Oriented Challenges.
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Information Systems Development Contracts: an exploratory study of Australian legal practitioners' and Information Systems professionals' perceptions.
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Methodologies: hard, soft or spongy?
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Using Soft Systems Methodology to Address Supply Chain Management Problems.
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Using information technology to optimise translation processes at PricewaterhouseCoopers Madrid.
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High-level design for asynchronous logic.
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Technology Introduction in a Systemic Context for IT Project Success.
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A Framework to place Cross-cultural Case Study Research in an Information Systems Action Research Context.
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Asynchronous Design Using Commercial HDL Synthesis Tools.
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Undergraduate Software Engineering - An Innovative Degree at Swinburne.
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Efficient mapping and implementation of matrix algorithms on a hypercube.
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