Selvamuthu Dharmaraja

According to our database1, Selvamuthu Dharmaraja authored at least 38 papers between 2000 and 2020.

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Signaling Packet Aggregation and Compression in SIP Network: Modeling and Performance Evaluation.
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Perception based performance analysis of higher education institutions: a soft computing approach.
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Optimal portfolio trading subject to stochastic dominance constraints under second-order autoregressive price dynamics.
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Performance analysis of DRX mechanism using batch arrival vacation queueing system with N-policy in LTE-A networks.
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Analysis of Mid-Haul Characteristics for LTE-NR Multi-Connectivity in Heterogeneous Cloud RAN.
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An analytical model driven by fluid queue for battery life time of a user equipment in LTE-A networks.
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Transient analysis of M/M/1 queue with working vacation, heterogeneous service and customers' impatience.
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