Shan He

According to our database1, Shan He authored at least 43 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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MUMI: Multitask Module Identification for Biological Networks.
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RoSANE: Robust and scalable attributed network embedding for sparse networks.
Neurocomputing, 2020

GloDyNE: Global Topology Preserving Dynamic Network Embedding.
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ATEN: And/Or tree ensemble for inferring accurate Boolean network topology and dynamics.
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HEAT: Hyperbolic Embedding of Attributed Networks.
Proceedings of the Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning - IDEAL 2020, 2020

DynWalks: Global Topology and Recent Changes Awareness Dynamic Network Embedding.
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Ensemble multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for gene regulatory network reconstruction based on fuzzy cognitive maps.
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Attributed Network Embedding for Incomplete Structure Information.
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RepLong: de novo repeat identification using long read sequencing data.
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Nadir point estimation for many-objective optimization problems based on emphasized critical regions.
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Prior knowledge guided active modules identification: an integrated multi-objective approach.
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Cooperative Co-Evolutionary Module Identification With Application to Cancer Disease Module Discovery.
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A multi-objective memetic algorithm based on locality-sensitive hashing for one-to-many-to-one dynamic pickup-and-delivery problem.
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Robust twin boosting for feature selection from high-dimensional omics data with label noise.
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Global path planning of mobile robots using a memetic algorithm.
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Light-weight reference-based compression of FASTQ data.
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High-throughput DNA sequence data compression.
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Compression of next-generation sequencing quality scores using memetic algorithm.
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HAMMER: automated operation of mass frontier to construct <i>in silico</i> mass spectral fragmentation libraries.
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A particle swarm optimiser with passive congregation approach to thermal modelling for power transformers.
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