Shaohua Wan

According to our database1, Shaohua Wan authored at least 95 papers between 2009 and 2020.

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Multi-objective computation offloading for Internet of Vehicles in cloud-edge computing.
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Recent advances in consensus protocols for blockchain: a survey.
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Multiple Discrimination and Pairwise CNN for View-based 3D Object Retrieval.
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Role of Gifts in Decision Making: An Endowment Effect Incentive Mechanism for Offloading in the IoV.
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A data-driven method to detect and localize the single-phase grounding fault in distribution network based on synchronized phasor measurement.
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A Matrix-in-matrix Neural Network for Image Super Resolution.
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Parallel LSTM-Based Regional Integrated Energy System Multienergy Source-Load Information Interactive Energy Prediction.
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Classifying transportation mode and speed from trajectory data via deep multi-scale learning.
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Fabric defect detection based on saliency histogram features.
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Stateful human-centered visual captioning system to aid video surveillance.
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A post-quantum light weight 1-out-<i>n</i> oblivious transfer protocol.
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On Improving the accuracy with Auto-Encoder on Conjunctivitis.
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The continuous Galerkin finite element methods for linear neutral delay differential equations.
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An Analytical Decoupled Corner Smoothing Method for Five-Axis Linear Tool Paths.
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A Computation Offloading Method for Edge Computing With Vehicle-to-Everything.
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A Bayesian Learning Method for Financial Time-Series Analysis.
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Exploiting the Persymmetric Property of Covariance Matrices for Knowledge-Aided Space-Time Adaptive Processing.
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A Novel Index for Assessing the Robustness of Integrated Electrical Network and a Natural Gas Network.
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Deep Multi-Layer Perceptron Classifier for Behavior Analysis to Estimate Parkinson's Disease Severity Using Smartphones.
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Dynamic Mobile Crowdsourcing Selection for Electricity Load Forecasting.
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Oblivious Transfer Based on NTRUEncrypt.
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Spatial-Temporal Aware Intelligent Service Recommendation Method Based on Distributed Tensor factorization for Big Data Applications.
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