Sunghwan Kim

According to our database1, Sunghwan Kim authored at least 53 papers between 2012 and 2021.

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Power Allocation and User-AP Connection in Distributed Massive MIMO Systems.
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Power Allocation for Multiple User-Type Massive MIMO Systems.
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Sixth Generation (6G) Wireless Networks: Vision, Research Activities, Challenges and Potential Solutions.
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A Robust Hybrid Iterative Linear Detector for Massive MIMO Uplink Systems.
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Impact of Stair and Diagonal Matrices in Iterative Linear Massive MIMO Uplink Detectors for 5G Wireless Networks.
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S6AE: Securing 6LoWPAN Using Authenticated Encryption Scheme.
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PDTR: Probabilistic and Deterministic Tree-based Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Deep Learning-Based Collaborative Constellation Design for Visible Light Communication.
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A Low Complexity Near-Optimal Iterative Linear Detector for Massive MIMO in Realistic Radio Channels of 5G Communication Systems.
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Uplink Performance Analysis of User- Centric Small Cell Aided Dense HCNets With Uplink-Downlink Decoupling.
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Enhanced Multi-Level Multi-Pulse Modulation for MIMO Visible Light Communication.
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Wideband Wearable Antenna for Biomedical Telemetry Applications.
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Multilevel LVDC Distribution System With Voltage Unbalancing and Disturbance Rejection Control Topology.
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Handwritten Arabic Optical Character Recognition Approach Based on Hybrid Whale Optimization Algorithm With Neighborhood Rough Set.
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Error Rate-Based Log-Likelihood Ratio Processing for Low-Density Parity-Check Codes in DNA Storage.
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Future 5G Network Based Smart Hospitals: Hybrid Detection Technique for Latency Improvement.
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An Empirical Evaluation of Machine Learning Techniques for Chronic Kidney Disease Prophecy.
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Wideband Circularly Polarized MIMO Antenna for High Data Wearable Biotelemetric Devices.
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Interference Management in Ultra-Dense 5G Networks With Excessive Drone Usage.
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Proactive Uplink Interference Management for Nonuniform Heterogeneous Cellular Networks.
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Improved Artificial Bee Colony Using Sine-Cosine Algorithm for Multi-Level Thresholding Image Segmentation.
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Effective Channel Gain-Based Access Point Selection in Cell-Free Massive MIMO Systems.
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A Deep Learning Approach for Mobility-Aware and Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in MEC.
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Learning-Based Relay Selection for Cooperative Networks with Space-Time Network Coding.
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Low-Complexity Channel Estimation in 5G Massive MIMO-OFDM Systems.
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Hybrid Particle Swarm Algorithm for Products' Scheduling Problem in Cellular Manufacturing System.
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Energy Harvesting Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks/Radio-Frequency Identification: A Review.
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A Compact UWB Antenna with Independently Controllable Notch Bands.
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An Internet of Things Based Bed-Egress Alerting Paradigm Using Wearable Sensors in Elderly Care Environment.
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Channel State Information from Pure Communication to Sense and Track Human Motion: A Survey.
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Multi-Scale Geospatial Object Detection Based on Shallow-Deep Feature Extraction.
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Receiver-Oriented Spatial Modulation in Visible Light Communication System.
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Uplink Interference Management for Hetnets Stressed by Clustered Wide-Band Jammers.
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Electromagnetic Bandgap Backed Millimeter-Wave MIMO Antenna for Wearable Applications.
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Pilot Power Allocation for Enhancing Channel Estimation Quality in Multi-cell Multi-user Massive MIMO Systems.
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Quantum stabilizer codes construction from Hermitian self-orthogonal codes over GF(4).
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Pilot power allocation for maximising the sum rate in massive MIMO systems.
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Layered Adaptive Collaborative Constellation for MIMO Visible Light Communication.
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Disjoint Pilot Power and Data Power Allocation in Multi-Cell Multi-User Massive MIMO Systems.
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Vertex Graph-Coloring-Based Pilot Assignment With Location-Based Channel Estimation for Massive MIMO Systems.
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Soft Convolutional Codes Decoding Algorithm for Concatenated Codes in Visible Light Communication.
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Minimal-Entanglement Entanglement-Assisted Quantum Error Correction Codes from Modified Circulant Matrices.
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Reversible Data-Hiding Systems with Modified Fluctuation Functions and Reed-Solomon Codes for Encrypted Image Recovery.
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Enhanced Joint and Separable Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images with High Payload.
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Relay selection Algorithm for wireless cooperative networks: a learning-based approach.
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Construction and complement circuit of a quantum stabilizer code with length 7.
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AURP: An AUV-Aided Underwater Routing Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks.
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