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According to our database1, Weimin Wang authored at least 34 papers between 2016 and 2021.

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Experimental Comparison of On-Off and All-On Calibration Modes for Beam-Steering Performance of mmWave Phased Array Antenna-in-Package.
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Design and Experimental Validation of Automated Millimeter-Wave phased Array Antenna-in-Package (AiP) Experimental Platform.
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Synthesis of Wideband Filtering Couplers for Arbitrary High Power-Division Ratios Based on Three Different Types of Coupled-Line Sections.
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Single-Layer Dual-Band Bandwidth-Enhanced Filtering Phase Shifter With Two Different Predetermined Phase-Shifting Values.
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Synthesis Design on Wideband Single-Ended and Differential Dual-Band Filtering Impedance Transformer.
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High-Selectivity Single-Ended/Balanced DC-Block Filtering Impedance Transformer and Its Application on Power Amplifier.
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Single-Layer Planar Wideband Rat-Race Coupler Using a Shorted Parallel-Coupled Multi-Line Section.
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An Investigation on Extraction of Material Parameters in Longitudinal Mode of FBAR.
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Miniaturized Single-Ended-to-Balanced Arbitrary Four-Section Coupled-Line Coupler With Inherent Impedance Matching.
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Planar Wideband High-Selectivity Impedance-Transforming Differential Bandpass Filter With Deep Common-Mode Suppression.
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A Compact Tri-Band Impedance-Transforming Power Divider With Independent Controllable Power Division Ratios and Enhanced Bandwidths.
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Implementation and Analysis of 3D Channel Emulation Method in Multi-Probe Anechoic Chamber Setups.
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A Broadband Filtering Patch Antenna Using T-Probe, Transverse Stubs, and U-Slots.
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Wideband Polarization Reconfigurable Differential Circularly Polarized Antenna.
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A Virtual Over-the-Air Method for 5G Massive MIMO Base Station Testing With Flexible Virtual Probes.
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A New Coupler Structure with Phase-Controlled Power Divisions of Extremely-Wide Tunable Ranges and Arbitrary Phase Differences.
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A Simple Multi-Broadband Planar Antenna for LTE/GSM/UMTS and WLAN/WiMAX Mobile Handset Applications.
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A Dual-Band Patch Antenna for Pattern Diversity Application.
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A Planar Balanced-to-Balanced Power Divider With Wideband Filtering Responses and Common-Mode Suppressions.
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Over-the-Air Testing for Carrier Aggregation Enabled MIMO Terminals Using Radiated Two-Stage Method.
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A Planar Dual-Band Coupled-Line Balun With Impedance Transformation and High Isolation.
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