B. B. Gupta

According to our database1, B. B. Gupta authored at least 48 papers between 2008 and 2018.

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Defending against phishing attacks: taxonomy of methods, current issues and future directions.
Telecommunication Systems, 2018

Security in Internet of Things: issues, challenges, taxonomy, and architecture.
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Four-image encryption scheme based on quaternion Fresnel transform, chaos and computer generated hologram.
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Color image watermarking scheme based on quaternion Hadamard transform and Schur decomposition.
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A novel approach to defend multimedia flash crowd in cloud environment.
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Intelligent phishing detection system using similarity matching algorithms.
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Survey on DDoS Attacks and Defense Mechanisms in Cloud and Fog Computing.
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Taxonomy of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks and Defense Mechanisms in Present Era of Smartphone Devices.
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Assessment of Honeypots: Issues, Challenges and Future Directions.
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Cloud-assisted secure video transmission and sharing framework for smart cities.
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Recent research in computational intelligence paradigms into security and privacy for online social networks (OSNs).
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An efficient key agreement protocol for Sybil-precaution in online social networks.
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SybilTrap: A graph-based semi-supervised Sybil defense scheme for online social networks.
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Mitigation and risk factor analysis of android applications.
Computers & Electrical Engineering, 2018

Crowdsourcing based scientific issue tracking with topic analysis.
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A Lightweight Authenticated Encryption Scheme Based on Chaotic SCML for Railway Cloud Service.
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Variable Selection and Optimization in Rapid Detection of Soybean Straw Biomass Based on CARS.
IEEE Access, 2018

Efficient Quantum Information Hiding for Remote Medical Image Sharing.
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Self-Adaptive Scheduling of Base Transceiver Stations in Green 5G Networks.
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Service Orchestration of Optimizing Continuous Features in Industrial Surveillance Using Big Data Based Fog-Enabled Internet of Things.
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Vulnerability Analysis for the Authentication Protocols in Trusted Computing Platforms and a Proposed Enhancement of the OffPAD Protocol.
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A robust anonymity preserving authentication protocol for IoT devices.
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Malware propagation effects on SCADA system and smart power grid.
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Economic incentive based solution against distributed denial of service attacks for IoT customers.
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Secure and imperceptible digital image steganographic algorithm based on diamond encoding in DWT domain.
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Security challenges in cloud computing: state-of-art.
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A lightweight mutual authentication protocol based on elliptic curve cryptography for IoT devices.
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Efficient yet robust biometric iris matching on smart cards for data high security and privacy.
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Editorial security, privacy, and forensics in the critical infrastructure: advances and future directions.
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A survey on smart power grid: frameworks, tools, security issues, and solutions.
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Guest editorial special issues on security trends in mobile cloud computing, web, and social networking.
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