We stand with Ukraine

Dear Visitor of csauthors.net,

This website gets a pretty nice amount of Internet visitors everyday, among these visitors many of them are coming from Ukraine.

I, as the maintainer of a small website used by thousands of Computer Scientists worldwide, want to show my support to the Ukrainian people who is right now being invaded by Russia.

The world's most powerful army in the world comes in and more or less levels everything on the ground in its path.

The recent annexation of Crimea has whetted the appetite of Putin, who now wants to take over the whole of Ukraine. Comparing these two invasions to the Sudetes and the Anschluss unfortunately makes sense. All this under the eyes of the impotent United Nations (aka the Leagues of Nations). The history is repeating.

I strongly think that a vast majority of the Russian population is against this disgusting and terrific war, but I also have in mind that Russian medias are spreading a lot of lies about Ukraine, and that Russian population does not have easily access to valuable information.

Last but not least, all of my thoughts are for the children, the women and the men of Ukraine who are having a very hard time.

Please find below some links to help the Ukrainian people.

In the following days, csauthors.net will display some ads, all the money gathered thru this will be sent to the ICRC Ukraine and to Unicef Ukraine.


csauthors.net, March 6th, 2022

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