Eric Lyons

According to our database1, Eric Lyons authored at least 40 papers between 1999 and 2022.

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NowCasting-Nets: Representation Learning to Mitigate Latency Gap of Satellite Precipitation Products Using Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks.
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An Information Centric Framework for Weather Sensing Data.
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Models for Similarity Distributions of Syntenic Homologs and Applications to Phylogenomics.
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Chickspress: a resource for chicken gene expression.
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Science Citation Knowledge Extractor.
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A tutorial of diverse genome analysis tools found in the CoGe web-platform using Plasmodium spp. as a model.
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FractBias: a graphical tool for assessing fractionation bias following polyploidy.
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SynMap2 and SynMap3D: web-based whole-genome synteny browsers.
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Tracking tornados down streets: Using casa radars in real time severe weather warning operations in north central texas.
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Scaling GIS analysis tasks from the desktop to the cloud utilizing contemporary distributed computing and data management approaches: A case study of project-based learning and cyberinfrastructure concepts.
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Using a CSCL-Driven shift in agency to undertake educational reform.
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