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According to our database1, Tao Yu authored at least 29 papers between 2017 and 2021.

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Adaptive Controller of PEMFC Output Voltage Based on Ambient Intelligence Large-Scale Deep Reinforcement Learning.
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Stochastic Transactive Control for Electric Vehicle Aggregators Coordination: A Decentralized Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach.
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Distributed Optimal Dispatching of Interconnected Electricity-Gas-Heating System.
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A Practical Large-Scale Distribution Network Planning Model Based on Elite Ant-Q.
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An Approach of Electrical Load Profile Analysis Based on Time Series Data Mining.
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Elaborate Reliability Evaluation of Cyber Physical Distribution Systems Considering Fault Location, Isolation and Supply Restoration Process.
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Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Sectional AGC Dispatch.
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Interactive Equilibrium of Electricity-Gas Energy Distribution System and Integrated Load Aggregators Considering Energy Pricings: A Master-Slave Approach.
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Environmental Economic Dispatch Strategy for Power-Gas Interconnection System Considering Spatiotemporal Diffusion of Air Pollutant and P2G in Coastal Areas.
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Multi-Objective Optimization Dispatching Strategy for Wind-Thermal-Storage Generation System Incorporating Temporal and Spatial Distribution Control of Air Pollutant Dispersion.
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Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Multi-Objective Integrated Automatic Generation Control for Multiple Continuous Power Disturbances.
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Improved Generative Adversarial Network-Based Super Resolution Reconstruction for Low-Frequency Measurement of Smart Grid.
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Real-Time Optimal Scheduling of Large-Scale Electric Vehicles: A Dynamic Non-Cooperative Game Approach.
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Sliding-mode perturbation observer-based sliding-mode control design for stability enhancement of multi-machine power systems.
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Optimal power tracking of doubly fed induction generator-based wind turbine using swarm moth-flame optimizer.
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Energy Internet Access Equipment Integrating Cyber-Physical Systems: Concepts, Key Technologies, System Development, and Application Prospects.
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Game-Theoretic Approaches Applied to Transactions in the Open and Ever-Growing Electricity Markets From the Perspective of Power Demand Response: An Overview.
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Multi-Agent Bargaining Learning for Distributed Energy Hub Economic Dispatch.
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Culture Evolution Learning for Optimal Carbon-Energy Combined-Flow.
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Exploration and Exploitation of New Knowledge Emergence to Improve the Collective Intelligent Decision-Making Level of Web-of-Cells With Cyber-Physical-Social Systems Based on Complex Network Modeling.
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Nash Equilibrium-Based Asymptotic Stability Analysis of Multi-Group Asymmetric Evolutionary Games in Typical Scenario of Electricity Market.
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Accelerating bio-inspired optimizer with transfer reinforcement learning for reactive power optimization.
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