A. Rama Mohan Reddy

According to our database1, A. Rama Mohan Reddy authored at least 19 papers between 2009 and 2020.

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BARTD: Bio-inspired anomaly based real time detection of under rated App-DDoS attack on web.
J. King Saud Univ. Comput. Inf. Sci., 2020

An efficient load balancing system using adaptive dragonfly algorithm in cloud computing.
Clust. Comput., 2020

An optimised component selection algorithm for self-adaptive software architecture using the component repository.
Int. J. Adv. Intell. Paradigms, 2019

Ensemble Classifiers with Drift Detection (ECDD) in Traffic Flow Streams to Detect DDOS Attacks.
Wirel. Pers. Commun., 2018

An Efficient Hybridization Algorithm Based Task Scheduling in Cloud Environment.
J. Circuits Syst. Comput., 2018

Resource Allocation in Grid Computing Environment Using Genetic-Auction Based Algorithm.
Int. J. Grid High Perform. Comput., 2018

An automation approach for architecture discovery in software design using genetic algorithm.
Int. J. Comput. Sci. Eng., 2018

DEFAD: ensemble classifier for DDOS enabled flood attack defense in distributed network environment.
Clust. Comput., 2018

BIFAD: Bio-Inspired Anomaly Based HTTP-Flood Attack Detection.
Wirel. Pers. Commun., 2017

An efficient k-means clustering filtering algorithm using density based initial cluster centers.
Inf. Sci., 2017

A fast DBSCAN clustering algorithm by accelerating neighbor searching using Groups method.
Pattern Recognit., 2016

PDA-CS: Profile Distance Assessment-Centric Cuckoo Search for Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection in High-Speed Networks.
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Frontiers in Intelligent Computing: Theory and Applications, 2016

Secure routing in MANETs: a bio-inspired approach with honey bees.
Int. J. Wirel. Mob. Comput., 2015

Resource Allocation Mechanism with New Models for Grid Environment.
Int. J. Grid High Perform. Comput., 2013

Bio Inspired Approach to Secure Routing in MANETs
CoRR, 2012

IP Traceback for Flooding attacks on Internet Threat Monitors (ITM) Using Honeypots
CoRR, 2012

Flooding attacks to internet threat monitors (ITM): Modeling and counter measures using botnet and honeypots
CoRR, 2012

A M2MC based approach for mapping two ADL models.
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Computational Science, 2012

A Dynamic Task-Model Induction Model Based Induction Mining on Large and High Dimension Data.
Proceedings of the ARTCom 2009, 2009