A. S. M. Sajeev

According to our database1, A. S. M. Sajeev authored at least 54 papers between 1987 and 2019.

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Ensemble of Semi-Parametric Models for IoT Fog Modeling.
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Boosted Probabilistic Neural Network for IoT Data Classification.
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Diagnosing Industrial Business Processes: Early Experiences.
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Personal Information Privacy Settings of Online Social Networks and their Suitability for Mobile Internet Devices
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A Smart Wizard System Suitable for Use With Internet Mobile Devices to Adjust Personal Information Privacy Settings.
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Factors influencing symbolic adoption of ERP systems in the Middle-East.
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A comparative study of fuzzy thresholding techniques for mass detection in digital mammography.
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A tool for regression testing.
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UML Modeling for Regression Testing of Component Based Systems.
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A Protocol for computer mediated education across the internet.
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