Abhinav Srivastava

According to our database1, Abhinav Srivastava authored at least 46 papers between 2003 and 2021.

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Unsignalized Intersection Level of Service: A Bicyclist's Perspective.
Int. J. Intell. Transp. Syst. Res., 2021

Attendance System with Emotion Detection: A case study with CNN and OpenCV.
Proceedings of the DSMLAI '21: International Conference on Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Windhoek Namibia, August 9, 2021

Energy Disaggregation for Small and Medium Businesses and their Operational Characteristics.
Proceedings of the NILM '20, 2020

ShadeNF: Testing Online Network Functions.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering, 2019

Peek-a-boo: Inferring program behaviors in a virtualized infrastructure without introspection.
Comput. Secur., 2018

Go Serverless: Securing Cloud via Serverless Design Patterns.
Proceedings of the 10th USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing, 2018

ShadeNF: A Platform for Online Network Function Verification.
Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing, 2018

Bring your own controller: Enabling tenant-defined SDN apps in IaaS clouds.
Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE Conference on Computer Communications, 2017

CloudSight: A tenant-oriented transparency framework for cross-layer cloud troubleshooting.
Proceedings of the 17th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, 2017

Development of mathematical model for signal-dependent linear adaptive level-based sampling.
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Exploring infrastructure support for app-based services on cloud platforms.
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Detecting plagiarized mobile apps using API birthmarks.
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Understanding security group usage in a public IaaS cloud.
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StorM: Enabling Tenant-Defined Cloud Storage Middle-Box Services.
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Hardening OpenStack Cloud Platforms against Compute Node Compromises.
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Secgras: Security Group Analysis as a Cloud Service.
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CloudVMI: Virtual Machine Introspection as a Cloud Service.
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On the Control Plane of a Self-service Cloud Platform.
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On the feasibility of software attacks on commodity virtual machine monitors via direct device assignment.
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High Performance Adaptive Distributed Scheduling Algorithm.
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Trusted VM Snapshots in Untrusted Cloud Infrastructures.
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Distributed hierarchical co-clustering and collaborative filtering algorithm.
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Dynamic Distributed Scheduling Algorithm for State Space Search.
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Towards a richer model of cloud app markets.
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Self-service cloud computing.
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Efficient protection of kernel data structures via object partitioning.
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Performance driven multi-objective distributed scheduling for parallel computations.
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Efficient Monitoring of Untrusted Kernel-Mode Execution.
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Affinity Driven Distributed Scheduling Algorithm for Parallel Computations.
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Distributed Scalable Collaborative Filtering Algorithm.
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Operating System Interface Obfuscation and the Revealing of Hidden Operations.
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Protecting E-healthcare Client Devices against Malware and Physical Theft.
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Attribution of Malicious Behavior.
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Robust signatures for kernel data structures.
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Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Hidden Markov Model.
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System Call API Obfuscation (Extended Abstract).
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Tamper-Resistant, Application-Aware Blocking of Malicious Network Connections.
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Evaluating email's feasibility for botnet command and control.
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Network-based control with real-time prediction of delayed/lost sensor data.
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Database Intrusion Detection using Weighted Sequence Mining.
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Weighted Intra-transactional Rule Mining for Database Intrusion Detection.
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Flow Aware Differential Delay Routing for next-generation Ethernet over SONET/SDH.
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Speeding Up Web Access Using Weighted Association Rules.
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Internet-based supervisory control and stability analysis for time delay.
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