Alberto Paucar-Caceres

According to our database1, Alberto Paucar-Caceres authored at least 20 papers between 2005 and 2021.

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A Systemic Framework to Evaluate Student Satisfaction in Latin American Universities under the COVID-19 Pandemic.
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A Critical Inquiry into the Value of Systems Thinking in the Time of COVID-19 Crisis.
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Surveying applications of Strategic Options Development and Analysis (SODA) from 1989 to 2018.
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Soft situational strategic planning (SSSP): A method and case study of its application in a Brazilian municipality.
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A bridge for two views: Checkland's soft systems methodology and Maturana's ontology of the observer.
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Consumers' values and behaviour in the Brazilian coffee-in-capsules market: promoting circular economy.
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A systemic framework based on Soft OR approaches to support teamwork strategy: An aviation manufacturer Brazilian company case.
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A utilisation focussed and viable systems approach for evaluating technology supported learning.
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The impact of global climate change on water quantity and quality: A system dynamics approach to the US-Mexican transborder region.
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Evaluating "Diagnoses", "Treatment" and "Inference" Activities in the Information Systems Profession.
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A system dynamics sustainable business model for Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex): case based on the Global Reporting Initiative.
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Confucian principles in ICT Chinese practice: an exploratory model.
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Using Systems Heuristics to guide "second order" boundary critique in a systemic intervention: Evaluating the Environmental Impact of Mining in Southern Peru.
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Management science methodologies in environmental management and sustainability: discourses and applications.
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The development of management sciences/operational research discourses: surveying the trends in the US and the UK.
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Predicting Students Progression Using Existing University Datasets: A Random Forest Application.
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An application of Soft Systems Dynamics Methodology (SSDM).
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Mapping the structure of MBA programmes: a comparative study of the structure of accredited AMBA programmes in the United Kingdom.
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