Alexandra Carpen-Amarie

According to our database1, Alexandra Carpen-Amarie authored at least 24 papers between 2010 and 2018.

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PhD thesis 




Autotuning MPI Collectives using Performance Guidelines.
Proceedings of the International Conference on High Performance Computing in Asia-Pacific Region, 2018

Hierarchical Clock Synchronization in MPI.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing, 2018

On expected and observed communication performance with MPI derived datatypes.
Parallel Computing, 2017

Predicting the Energy-Consumption of MPI Applications at Scale Using Only a Single Node.
Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing, 2017

Reproducible MPI Benchmarking is Still Not as Easy as You Think.
IEEE Trans. Parallel Distrib. Syst., 2016

Governing energy consumption in Hadoop through CPU frequency scaling: An analysis.
Future Generation Comp. Syst., 2016

On the Expected and Observed Communication Performance with MPI Derived Datatypes.
Proceedings of the 23rd European MPI Users' Group Meeting, EuroMPI 2016, 2016

Automatic Verification of Self-consistent MPI Performance Guidelines.
Proceedings of the Euro-Par 2016: Parallel Processing, 2016

On the Impact of Synchronizing Clocks and Processes on Benchmarking MPI Collectives.
Proceedings of the 22nd European MPI Users' Group Meeting, 2015

Towards Energy-aware IaaS-PaaS Co-design.
Proceedings of the SMARTGREENS 2014, 2014

Reproducible MPI Micro-Benchmarking Isn't As Easy As You Think.
Proceedings of the 21st European MPI Users' Group Meeting, 2014

Towards Efficient Power Management in MapReduce: Investigation of CPU-Frequencies Scaling on Power Efficiency in Hadoop.
Proceedings of the Adaptive Resource Management and Scheduling for Cloud Computing, 2014

Stepping Stones to Reproducible Research: A Study of Current Practices in Parallel Computing.
Proceedings of the Euro-Par 2014: Parallel Processing Workshops, 2014

Experimental Study on the Energy Consumption in IaaS Cloud Environments.
Proceedings of the IEEE/ACM 6th International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing, 2013

Towards a Generic Security Framework for Cloud Data Management Environments.
IJDST, 2012

MapReduce Applications in the Cloud: A Cost Evaluation of Computation and Storage.
Proceedings of the Data Management in Cloud, Grid and P2P Systems, 2012

Evaluating Cloud Storage Services for Tightly-Coupled Applications.
Proceedings of the Euro-Par 2012: Parallel Processing Workshops, 2012

Adding Virtualization Capabilities to the Grid'5000 Testbed.
Proceedings of the Cloud Computing and Services Science - Second International Conference, 2012

BlobSeer as a data-storage facility for clouds : self-Adaptation, integration, evaluation. (Utilisation de BlobSeer pour le stockage de données dans les clouds : auto-adaptation, intégration, évaluation).
PhD thesis, 2011

BlobSeer: Next-generation data management for large scale infrastructures.
J. Parallel Distrib. Comput., 2011

Bringing introspection into BlobSeer: Towards a self-adaptive distributed data management system.
Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, 2011

Towards a Self-Adaptive Data Management System for Cloud Environments.
Proceedings of the 25th IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing, 2011

Managing Data Access on Clouds: A Generic Framework for Enforcing Security Policies.
Proceedings of the 25th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications, 2011

Bringing Introspection Into the BlobSeer Data-Management System Using the MonALISA Distributed Monitoring Framework.
Proceedings of the CISIS 2010, 2010