Alexios Mylonas

According to our database1, Alexios Mylonas authored at least 48 papers between 2010 and 2023.

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AALLA: Attack-Aware Logical Link Assignment Cost-Minimization Model for Protecting Software-Defined Networks against DDoS Attacks.
Sensors, November, 2023

Forensics for multi-stage cyber incidents: Survey and future directions.
Forensic Sci. Int. Digit. Investig., March, 2023

Technical Report relating to CVE-2022-46480, CVE-2023-26941, CVE-2023-26942, and CVE-2023-26943.
CoRR, 2023

A Robust Dirichlet Reputation and Trust Evaluation of Nodes in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
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Investigating machine learning attacks on financial time series models.
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Launching Adversarial Attacks against Network Intrusion Detection Systems for IoT.
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A Comparative Analysis of Honeypots on Different Cloud Platforms.
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Towards Lightweight URL-Based Phishing Detection.
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Integrated Design Framework for Facilitating Systems-Theoretic Process Analysis.
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Use-Case Informed Task Analysis for Secure and Usable Design Solutions in Rail.
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R<sup>2</sup>BN: An Adaptive Model for Keystroke-Dynamics-Based Educational Level Classification.
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Towards a Multi-Layered Phishing Detection.
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Monitoring Users' Behavior: Anti-Immigration Speech Detection on Twitter.
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Identifying Safety and Human Factors Issues in Rail Using IRIS and CAIRIS.
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Using Human Factor Approaches to an Organisation's Bring Your Own Device Scheme.
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A study on usability and security features of the Android pattern lock screen.
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Human-Centered Specification Exemplars for Critical Infrastructure Environments.
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