Alfio Borzì

According to our database1, Alfio Borzì authored at least 49 papers between 1997 and 2019.

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A multigrid scheme for solving convection-diffusion-integral optimal control problems.
Computat. and Visualiz. in Science, 2019

A New Optimization Approach to Sparse Reconstruction of Log-Conductivity in Acousto-Electric Tomography.
SIAM J. Imaging Sciences, 2018

A Fokker-Planck approach to control collective motion.
Comp. Opt. and Appl., 2018

A Theoretical Investigation of Time-Dependent Kohn-Sham Equations.
SIAM J. Math. Analysis, 2017

Numerical Investigation of a Class of Liouville Control Problems.
J. Sci. Comput., 2017

Proximal schemes for parabolic optimal control problems with sparsity promoting cost functionals.
Int. J. Control, 2017

A COKOSNUT code for the control of the time-dependent Kohn-Sham model.
Computer Physics Communications, 2017

Analysis of splitting methods for solving a partial integro-differential Fokker-Planck equation.
Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2017

Development of Real-Time Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Mouse Hearts at 9.4 Tesla - Simulations and First Application.
IEEE Trans. Med. Imaging, 2016

Multigrid Optimization Methods for the Optimal Control of Convection-Diffusion Problems with Bilinear Control.
J. Optimization Theory and Applications, 2016

Hermite approximation of a hyperbolic Fokker-Planck optimality system to control a piecewise-deterministic process.
Int. J. Control, 2016

A LONE code for the sparse control of quantum systems.
Computer Physics Communications, 2016

Newton Methods for the Optimal Control of Closed Quantum Spin Systems.
SIAM J. Scientific Computing, 2015

Analysis of the Chang-Cooper discretization scheme for a class of Fokker-Planck equations.
J. Num. Math., 2015

A method for solving exact-controllability problems governed by closed quantum spin systems.
Int. J. Control, 2015

SKRYN: A fast semismooth-Krylov-Newton method for controlling Ising spin systems.
Computer Physics Communications, 2015

Second-order approximation and fast multigrid solution of parabolic bilinear optimization problems.
Adv. Comput. Math., 2015

Formulation and Numerical Solution of Nash Equilibrium Multiobjective Elliptic Control Problems.
SIAM J. Control and Optimization, 2013

Multigrid Shape Optimization Governed by Elliptic PDEs.
SIAM J. Control and Optimization, 2013

Fast solvers for simulation, inversion, and control of wave propagation problems.
Numerical Lin. Alg. with Applic., 2013

A Fokker-Planck control framework for multidimensional stochastic processes.
J. Computational Applied Mathematics, 2013

Parallel algebraic multilevel Schwarz preconditioners for a class of elliptic PDE systems.
Computat. and Visualiz. in Science, 2013

Multigrid second-order accurate solution of parabolic control-constrained problems.
Comp. Opt. and Appl., 2012

Computational Optimization of Systems Governed by Partial Differential Equations.
Computational science and engineering 8, SIAM, ISBN: 978-1-611972-04-7, 2012

A full multigrid solution of control-constrained Cauchy-Riemann optimal control problems.
J. Num. Math., 2011

Formulation and multigrid solution of Cauchy-Riemann optimal control problems.
Computat. and Visualiz. in Science, 2011

A POD framework to determine robust controls in PDE optimization.
Computat. and Visualiz. in Science, 2011

Special issue in computing and visualization in science (CVS), related to the European multigrid conference, EMG 2010.
Computat. and Visualiz. in Science, 2011

QUCON: A fast Krylov-Newton code for dipole quantum control problems.
Computer Physics Communications, 2010

Multigrid and sparse-grid schemes for elliptic control problems with random coefficients.
Computat. and Visualiz. in Science, 2010

Phase retrieval in SAR interferograms using diffusion and inpainting.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium, 2010

A Globalized Newton Method for the Accurate Solution of a Dipole Quantum Control Problem.
SIAM J. Scientific Computing, 2009

Multigrid Methods and Sparse-Grid Collocation Techniques for Parabolic Optimal Control Problems with Random Coefficients.
SIAM J. Scientific Computing, 2009

Multigrid Methods for PDE Optimization.
SIAM Review, 2009

Implementation and analysis of multigrid schemes with finite elements for elliptic optimal control problems.
Computing, 2009

Robust Registration of Satellite Images with Local Distortions.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium, 2009

Multigrid Optimization Schemes for Solving Bose-Einstein Condensate Control Problems.
SIAM J. Scientific Computing, 2008

A cascadic monotonic time-discretized algorithm for finite-level quantum control computation.
Computer Physics Communications, 2008

Multigrid optimization methods for linear and bilinear elliptic optimal control problems.
Computing, 2008

A globalization strategy for the multigrid solution of elliptic optimal control problems.
Optimization Methods and Software, 2006

Distributed optimal control of lambda-omega systems.
J. Num. Math., 2006

Analysis of Iterative Methods for Solving a Ginzburg-Landau Equation.
International Journal of Computer Vision, 2005

A Multigrid Scheme for Elliptic Constrained Optimal Control Problems.
Comp. Opt. and Appl., 2005

Solution of lambda-omega systems: Theta-schemes and multigrid methods.
Numerische Mathematik, 2004

Optimal Control Formulation for Determining Optical Flow.
SIAM J. Scientific Computing, 2003

An Algebraic Multigrid Method for a Class of Elliptic Differential Systems.
SIAM J. Scientific Computing, 2003

Accuracy and Convergence Properties of the Finite Difference Multigrid Solution of an Optimal Control Optimality System.
SIAM J. Control and Optimization, 2002

The Numerical Solution of the Steady State Solid Fuel Ignition Model and Its Optimal Control.
SIAM J. Scientific Computing, 2000

Multilevel Solution of Cell Vertex Cauchy-Riemann Equations.
SIAM J. Scientific Computing, 1997