Amitabh Saxena

According to our database1, Amitabh Saxena authored at least 31 papers between 2003 and 2020.

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ZeroJoin: Combining ZeroCoin and CoinJoin.
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Bypassing Non-Outsourceable Proof-of-Work Schemes Using Collateralized Smart Contracts.
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Multi-stage Contracts in the UTXO Model.
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JDQL: A framework for Java Static Analysis.
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Shifting testing beyond the deployment boundary.
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Application Layer Encryption for Cloud.
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Data Vaporizer - Towards a Configurable Enterprise Data Storage Framework in Public Cloud.
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Increasing Anonymity in Bitcoin.
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Detecting SOQL-injection vulnerabilities in SalesForce applications.
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Secure Computation with Fixed-Point Numbers.
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A Scalable Wireless Routing Protocol Secure against Route Truncation Attacks.
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A Secure Wireless Routing Protocol Using Enhanced Chain Signatures
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On White-box Cryptography and Obfuscation.
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An Authentication Protocol For Mobile Agents Using Bilinear Pairings.
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Zero-Knowledge Blind Identification For Smart Cards Using Bilinear Pairings.
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Additive Proofs of Knowledge - A New Notion For Non-Interactive Proofs.
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A new paradigm for group cryptosystems using quick keys.
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