Andrea Scozzari

According to our database1, Andrea Scozzari authored at least 52 papers between 2001 and 2021.

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Locating a discrete subtree of minimum variance on trees: New strategies to tackle a very hard problem.
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An optimization-diversification approach to portfolio selection.
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Clustering and portfolio selection problems: A unified framework.
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Lake water level estimated by a purely radiometric measurement: an experiment with the SLSTR radiometer onboard Sentinel-3 satellites.
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What Differentiates Poor and Good Outcome Psychotherapy? A Statistical-Mechanics-Inspired Approach to Psychotherapy Research.
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Total Distance, Wiener Index and Opportunity Index in Wreath Products of Star Graphs.
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Complexity of some graph-based bounds on the probability of a union of events.
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Mathematical programming formulations for the efficient solution of the <i>k</i>-sum approval voting problem.
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Alternating Current Optimal Power Flow with Generator Selection.
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Envisat RA-2 Individual Echoes: A Unique Dataset for a Better Understanding of Inland Water Altimetry Potentialities.
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Ordered Weighted Average optimization in Multiobjective Spanning Tree Problem.
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On exact and approximate stochastic dominance strategies for portfolio selection.
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Mathematical Programming formulations for the efficient solution of the $k$-sum approval voting problem.
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A mixed integer linear program to compress transition probability matrices in Markov chain bootstrapping.
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Detection and Characterization of Ship Targets Using CryoSat-2 Altimeter Waveforms.
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Partitioning a graph into connected components with fixed centers and optimizing cost-based objective functions or equipartition criteria.
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Algorithms for uniform centered partitions of trees.
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Development of an online measurement apparatus for the study of stratified flow in near-horizontal pipes.
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A linear risk-return model for enhanced indexation in portfolio optimization.
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Non-invasive measurements for shallow depth soil exploration: Development and application of an electromagnetic induction instrument.
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Bidimensional allocation of seats via zero-one matrices with given line sums.
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Analysis of vegetation dynamics in middle east area during 2002-2013 in relation to the 2007-2009 drought episode.
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Experimentation of a tomographic technique on envisat radar altimetry data: Oil platforms as an opportunity target.
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Political Districting: from classical models to recent approaches.
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A new method for mean-variance portfolio optimization with cardinality constraints.
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A Novel Method Based on Voltammetry for the Qualitative Analysis of Water.
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