Andrés Muñoz

According to our database1, Andrés Muñoz authored at least 38 papers between 2007 and 2019.

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Analysis of student behavior in learning management systems through a Big Data framework.
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A survey on managing users' preferences in ambient intelligence.
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High-Throughput Infrastructure for Advanced ITS Services: A Case Study on Air Pollution Monitoring.
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Promoting Pollution-Free Routes in Smart Cities Using Air Quality Sensor Networks.
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Air-Pollution Prediction in Smart Cities through Machine Learning Methods: A Case of Study in Murcia, Spain.
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Intelligent Services for Smart Cities.
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A k-nearest neighbors based approach applied to more realistic activity recognition datasets.
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Analysis and evaluation of lecturers' activity in Learning Management Systems: Subjective and objective perceptions.
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Using argumentation to manage users' preferences.
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Analysis of Lecturers' Behavior Through the Use of Learning Management Systems: A Case Study in Computer Engineering.
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BAUSPACE: A Scalable Infrastructure for Soft Sensors Development.
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Real-time prediction of flight arrival times using surveillance information.
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An Ontology-Based Approach for an Efficient Selection and Classification of Soils.
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The Forex Market as an Elastic Network Model.
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Searching for Behavior Patterns of Students in Different Training Modalities through Learning Management Systems.
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A More Realistic K-Nearest Neighbors Method and Its Possible Applications to Everyday Problems.
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Scaling the Deployment of Virtual Machines in UnaCloud.
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Introduction to the thematic issue on Natural Interaction in Intelligent Environments.
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ICUPRES: To a Standardized Recommendation and Profiling Services for Learning Management Systems.
Proceedings of the Intelligent Environments 2016, 2016

OntoSakai: On the optimization of a Learning Management System using semantics and user profiling.
Expert Syst. Appl., 2015

DIA-DB: A Web-Accessible Database for the Prediction of Diabetes Drugs.
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Resource assignment in intelligent environments based on similarity, trust and reputation.
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PRIME v1.4 evolution: A future proof of reality beyond metering.
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An Approach for Representing Sensor Data to Validate Alerts in Ambient Assisted Living.
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An approach to debug interactions in multi-agent system software tests.
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Creating Context-Aware Collaborative Working Environments.
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Providing Adapted Contextual Information in an Overlay Vehicular Network.
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A Context-Aware Solution for Personalized En-route Information Through a P2P Agent-Based Architecture.
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