Atif Khan

According to our database1, Atif Khan authored at least 25 papers between 2011 and 2020.

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  • Dijkstra number2 of five.
  • Erdős number3 of four.



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PhD thesis 




Machine Learning Approach for Answer Detection in Discussion Forums: An Application of Big Data Analytics.
Sci. Program., 2020

Playing first-person shooter games with machine learning techniques and methods using the VizDoom Game-AI research platform.
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Sentence Embedding Based Semantic Clustering Approach for Discussion Thread Summarization.
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Movie Review Summarization Using Supervised Learning and Graph-Based Ranking Algorithm.
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Analysis for Disease Gene Association Using Machine Learning.
IEEE Access, 2020

Energy-Efficient Centrally Controlled Caching Contents for Information-Centric Internet of Things.
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Recurrent Neural Networks With TF-IDF Embedding Technique for Detection and Classification in Tweets of Dengue Disease.
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Multilingual Semantic Textual Similarity using Multilingual Word Representations.
Proceedings of the IEEE 14th International Conference on Semantic Computing, 2020

Multilingual Corpus Creation for Multilingual Semantic Similarity Task.
Proceedings of The 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, 2020

An e-Health care services framework for the detection and classification of breast cancer in breast cytology images as an IoMT application.
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Abstractive Text Summarization based on Improved Semantic Graph Approach.
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Adaptive Degradation Prognostic Reasoning by Particle Filter with a Neural Network Degradation Model for Turbofan Jet Engine.
Data, 2018

Understanding Privacy Dichotomy in Twitter.
Proceedings of the 29th on Hypertext and Social Media, 2018

Text Summarization Based on Classification Using ANFIS.
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Privacy Behaviour and Profile Configuration in Twitter.
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Privacy Preference Inference via Collaborative Filtering.
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A framework for multi-document abstractive summarization based on semantic role labelling.
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Social computing and intelligence: exploring opportunities for the public and the enterprise.
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Validation of an ontological medical decision support system for patient treatment using a repository of patient data: Insights into the value of machine learning.
ACM Trans. Intell. Syst. Technol., 2013

Cryptography, security and privacy (CrySP) research group: Waterloo, Canada.
XRDS, 2013

Privacy-Centric Access Control for Distributed Heterogeneous Medical Information Systems.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics, 2013

A comparative evaluation of an ontological medical decision support system (OMeD) for critical environments.
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Integrating Machine Learning Into a Medical Decision Support System to Address the Problem of Missing Patient Data.
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KinDectect: Kinect Detecting Objects.
Proceedings of the Computers Helping People with Special Needs, 2012

An Ontological Approach for Querying Distributed Heterogeneous Information Systems 76-88.
Proceedings of the 3rd Canadian Semantic Web Symposium (CSWS2011), 2011