Azeddine Zahi

According to our database1, Azeddine Zahi authored at least 23 papers between 2007 and 2021.

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SDPSO: Spark Distributed PSO-based approach for feature selection and cancer disease prognosis.
J. Big Data, 2021

A novel approach for learning ontology from relational database: from the construction to the evaluation.
J. Big Data, 2021

Recognising of repetitive and stereotyped movements for children with autism spectrum disorder.
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Automatic Personality Prediction: A Systematic Mapping Study.
Proceedings of the 2020 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence, 2020

Measuring Design Complexity of Cultural Heritage Ontologies.
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Fractional-order orthogonal Chebyshev Moments and Moment Invariants for image representation and pattern recognition.
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Fast and accurate computation of Racah moment invariants for image classification.
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Feature selection methods and genomic big data: a systematic review.
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Validation and Evaluation of the Mapping Process for Generating Ontologies from Relational Databases.
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Uncertainty management in software effort estimation using a consistent fuzzy analogy-based method.
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3D image analysis by separable discrete orthogonal moments based on Krawtchouk and Tchebichef polynomials.
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Fuzzy similarity-based classification method for gender recognition using 3D facial images.
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A new nearest neighbor classification method based on fuzzy set theory and aggregation operators.
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An intelligent multipath optimized link state routing protocol for QoS and QoE enhancement of video transmission in MANETs.
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Semantic similarity based evaluation for C programs through the use of symbolic execution.
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Automated fault localizing and correction in dynamically analyzed programs.
Proceedings of the 4th IEEE International Colloquium on Information Science and Technology, 2016

NCA: New Cooperative Algorithm for Reducing Topology Control Packets in OLSR.
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Multi-point relay selection strategies to reduce topology control traffic for OLSR protocol in MANETs.
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Intelligent Multipath Optimized Link State Routing Protocol for QoS and QoE Enhancement of Video Transmission in MANETs.
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3D face recognition using facial curves, sparse random projection and fuzzy similarity measure.
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Software cost estimation by classical and Fuzzy Analogy for Web Hypermedia Applications: A replicated study.
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Optimization on OLSR protocol for reducing topology control packets.
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