Binfeng Zong

According to our database1, Binfeng Zong authored at least 16 papers between 2017 and 2022.

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PhD thesis 




A Fast Power Allocation Strategy for Multibeam Tracking Multiple Targets in Clutter.
IEEE Syst. J., 2022

An Efficient Power Allocation Strategy for Maneuvering Target Tracking in Cognitive MIMO Radar.
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Antenna Selection for Target Tracking in Collocated MIMO Radar.
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Deep Feature Autoextraction Method for Intrapulse Data of Radar Emitter Signal.
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Research on design method of manoeuvring targets tracking generator based on LabVIEW programming.
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Bi-objective particle swarm optimization algorithm for the search and track tasks in the distributed multiple-input and multiple-output radar.
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Wide-Angle Frequency-Scanning Array Antenna Using Dual-Layer Finger Connected Interdigital Capacitor Based CRLH Unit Cell.
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Power and Bandwidth Allocation for Multi-Target Tracking in Collocated MIMO Radar.
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Research and Experiment of Radar Signal Support Vector Clustering Sorting Based on Feature Extraction and Feature Selection.
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Correction to: Online pulse interleaving task scheduling for multifunction radar.
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Online pulse interleaving task scheduling for multifunction radar.
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A hybrid adaptively genetic algorithm for task scheduling problem in the phased array radar.
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An Entropy-based PSO for DAR task scheduling problem.
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Adaptive Strong Tracking Square-Root Cubature Kalman Filter for Maneuvering Aircraft Tracking.
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Improved Spatial Differencing Scheme for 2-D DOA Estimation of Coherent Signals with Uniform Rectangular Arrays.
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A scheduling method based on a hybrid genetic particle swarm algorithm for multifunction phased array radar.
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