Brett Benyo

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According to our database1, Brett Benyo authored at least 25 papers between 1999 and 2021.

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Dynamic Explanation of Bayesian Networks with Abductive Bayes Factor Qualitative Propagation and Entropy-Based Qualitative Explanation.
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An Event-based Data Model for Granular Information Flow Tracking.
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HYDRA: Hypothesis Driven Repair Automation.
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On the Evaluation of Space-Time Functions.
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Automated Self-Adaptation for Cyber-Defense - Pushing Adaptive Perimeter Protection Inward.
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Leveraging Historical Experience to Evaluate and Adapt Courses of Action.
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A SILK Graphical UI for Defeasible Reasoning, with a Biology Causal Process Example.
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POIROT - Integrated Learning of Web Service Procedures.
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The UMASS Intelligent Home Project.
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