Chia-Hoang Lee

According to our database1, Chia-Hoang Lee authored at least 53 papers between 1983 and 2016.

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Semi-Supervised Text Classification With Universum Learning.
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Semi-Supervised Linear Discriminant Clustering.
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Online chinese restaurant process.
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Intelligent computer assisted blog writing system.
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Computer assisted writing system.
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Painting in the air with Wii Remote.
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An Unsupervised Automated Essay Scoring System.
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A fall detection system using k-nearest neighbor classifier.
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Part-of-speech tagging for Chinese unknown words in a domain-specific small corpus using morphological and contextual rules.
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Analysis and prediction of trajectories using Bayesian network.
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Automatic Chinese Essay Scoring Using Connections between Concepts in Paragraphs.
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Automated essay scoring using set of literary sememes.
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Simplify Multi-valued Decision Trees.
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AIMED- A Personalized TV Recommendation System.
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Topic Segmentation for Short Texts.
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A new interpolative reasoning method in sparse rule-based systems.
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A fuzzy information retrieval method using fuzzy-valued concept networks.
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Generation process for the reconstruction of space curves.
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Finding point correspondences and determining motion of a rigid object from two weak perspective views.
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Finding point correspondence and determining motion of a rigid object from two weak perspective views.
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Motion and Structure from Orthographic Projections.
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Perception of a quadrilateral.
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Interpreting Image Curve from Multiframes.
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A Comparison of Two Evidential Reasoning Schemes.
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Comments on Mohr and Henderson's Path Consistency Algorithm.
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Structure And Motion From Two Perspective Views Via Planar Patch.
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Determining plane orientation from specular reflectance.
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Improved Methods of Estimating Shape from Shading Using the Light Source Coordinate System.
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An approximation technique for photometric stereo.
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Using highlights to constrain object size and location.
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Albedo estimation for scene segmentation.
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