Chikkannan Eswaran

According to our database1, Chikkannan Eswaran authored at least 46 papers between 2004 and 2018.

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Load Based Sleep Scheduling with Reduced State Transitions for IEEE 802.16e Networks.
IJBDCN, 2018

Enhanced hybrid prediction models for time series prediction.
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Fast optic disc segmentation using FFT-based template-matching and region-growing techniques.
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Performance optimization of real-time video decoding.
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Lossy image compression based on prediction error and vector quantisation.
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Mobile telemedicine system application for telediagnosis using multimedia messaging service technology.
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QoS-based Task Group Deployment on Grid by Learning the Performance Data.
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MMU GASPFA: A COTS multimodal biometric database.
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Fuzzy based scheduling technique for multiple service flows in 802.16 WiMAX.
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Exploration and Development of the JPEG Compression for Mobile Communications System.
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Task granularity policies for deploying bag-of-task applications on global grids.
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MMUGait Database and Baseline Results.
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Parallel Full HD Video Decoding for Multicore Architecture.
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Distinguishing Twins by Gait via Jackknife-Like Validation in Classification Analysis.
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Gait classification of twins and non-twins siblings.
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Prediction Models for Early Risk Detection of Cardiovascular Event.
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Study and Development of the Transmission Method for Large Multimedia File Size Using MMS Technology.
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An Adaptive and Cost-Effective Data Transmission Framework Using MMS Technology for Client-Server Application.
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The Development and Implementation of a Multimedia Messaging Service for an Enhanced Mobile Telemedicine System.
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An automated decision-support system for non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy disease based on MAs and HAs detection.
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An enhanced hybrid method for time series prediction using linear and neural network models.
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A dual hybrid forecasting model for support of decision making in healthcare management.
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Using Autoencoders for Mammogram Compression.
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Batch Resizing Policies and Techniques for Fine- Grain Grid Tasks: The Nuts and Bolts.
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An Automated Blood Vessel Segmentation Algorithm Using Histogram Equalization and Automatic Threshold Selection.
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Using genetic algorithm to select the presentation order of training patterns that improves simplified fuzzy ARTMAP classification performance.
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A Nature Based Fusion Scheme for Multimodal Biometric Person Identity Verification at a Distance.
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Performance Comparison of Three Types of Autoencoder Neural Networks.
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Stone detection in MRCP images using controlled region growing.
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Discontinuous Region Growing Scheme for Preliminary Detection of Tumor in MRCP Images.
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Model-Based Compression for 3D Medical Images Stored in the DICOM Format.
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Effect of Hyper-Threading Technology on Java Virtual Machines: A Performance Study.
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Realization of modular multidimensional complex digital filters using GIC concept.
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