Ching-Tsorng Tsai

According to our database1, Ching-Tsorng Tsai authored at least 30 papers between 1992 and 2018.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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PhD thesis 




Application of machine learning to identify Counterfeit Website.
Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services, 2018

Minimizing electromagnetic pollution and power consumption in green heterogeneous small cell network deployment.
Comput. Networks, 2017

UCS - A Unified Cloud Storage Integration Service.
Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE 7th International Symposium on Cloud and Service Computing, 2017

A Solution to Improve Web Application Performance.
Proceedings of the Intelligent Systems and Applications, 2014

A Leading Indicator of Post-Release Defect Density in Refactoring-based Software Maintenance - A Case Study.
Proceedings of the Intelligent Systems and Applications, 2014

A SysML Based Requirement Modeling Automatic Transformation Approach.
Proceedings of the IEEE 38th Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference, 2014

Evolving a Team in a First-Person Shooter Game by using a Genetic Algorithm.
Appl. Artif. Intell., 2013

Nonlinear quantization on Hebbian-type associative memories.
Appl. Intell., 2012

A Framework for Scalable Cloud Video Recorder System in Surveillance Environment.
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing and 9th International Conference on Autonomic and Trusted Computing, 2012

Constructing Private Cloud Storage Using Network Attatched Storage.
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing and 9th International Conference on Autonomic and Trusted Computing, 2012

Evolving a Character in a First-person Shooter.
Proceedings of the IJCCI 2012 - Proceedings of the 4th International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence, Barcelona, Spain, 5, 2012

Linking Functions and Quality Attributes for Software Evolution.
Proceedings of the 19th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference, 2012

Random N-Finder (N-FINDR) Endmember Extraction Algorithms for Hyperspectral Imagery.
IEEE Trans. Image Process., 2011

The Linear Quantization Strategy of Quadratic Hebbian-Type Associative Memories and Their Performance Analysis.
J. Inf. Sci. Eng., 2011

An Evolutionary Strategy for a Computer Team Game.
Comput. Intell., 2011

Ncash: NFC Phone-Enabled Personalized Context Awareness Smart-Home Environment.
Cybern. Syst., 2010

A piecewise linear convolution interpolation with third-order approximation for real-time image processing.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Systems, 2010

Estimation of virtual dimensionality in hyperspectral imagery by linear spectral mixture analysis.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium, 2010

A cross-platform P2P based blog system.
Proceedings of the MoMM'2009, 2009

An offline browsing system for mobile devices.
Proceedings of the iiWAS'2009, 2009

Synthesizing the Artistic Effects of Ink Painting.
Proceedings of the Image Analysis, 14th Scandinavian Conference, 2005

A real time collaboration system for teleradiology consultation.
Int. J. Medical Informatics, 2003

An Annealed Chaotic Competitive Learning Network with Nonlinear Self-feedback and Its Application in Edge Detection.
Neural Process. Lett., 2001

Reliability issue and quantization effects in optical and electronic network implementations of hebbian-type associative memories.
Proceedings of the Algorithms and Architectures., 1998

Polygonal approximation using a competitive Hopfield neural network.
Pattern Recognit., 1994

Endocardial boundary detection using a neural network.
Pattern Recognit., 1993

Wavelet based corner detection.
Pattern Recognit., 1993

Quantization effects of Hebbian-type associative memories.
Proceedings of International Conference on Neural Networks (ICNN'88), San Francisco, CA, USA, March 28, 1993

A new model-based approach for industrial visual inspection.
Pattern Recognit., 1992

Segmentation of echocardiograms using a neural network.
Microprocess. Microprogramming, 1992