Chun Xu

Orcid: 0000-0002-1509-392X

According to our database1, Chun Xu authored at least 20 papers between 1998 and 2023.

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PhD thesis 




Unsupervised Parallel Sentences of Machine Translation for Asian Language Pairs.
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DAAN: A Dictionary-Based Adaptive Attention Network for Biomedical Named Entity Recognition with Chinese Electronic Medical Records.
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Federated Multi-domain GNN Network for Brain Multigraph Generation.
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Fine-Grained Chinese Named Entity Recognition Based on MacBERT-Attn-BiLSTM-CRF Model.
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An Immersive Virtual Reality System for Rodents in Behavioral and Neural Research.
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Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Mooc Construction Based on SPSS Analysis.
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Joint Extraction of Events in Chinese Electronic Medical Records.
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Individual Differences in Women During Walking Affect Tibial Response to Load Carriage: The Importance of Individualized Musculoskeletal Finite-Element Models.
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Knowledge-Enhanced Relation Extraction for Chinese EMRs.
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Extracting Parallel Sentences from Nonparallel Corpora Using Parallel Hierarchical Attention Network.
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A Pornographic Images Recognition Model based on Deep One-Class Classification With Visual Attention Mechanism.
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Exploiting Ensemble Classification Schemes to Improve Prognosis Process for Large for Gestational Age Fetus Classification.
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A novel disk-arc arrayed electrochemical sensor.
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Study on the possibility degree of the optimal solution of grey dynamic programming model base on standard interval grey number.
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A Genetic Algorithm Based on Immune and Chaos.
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Immune Multi-agent Active Defense Model for Network Intrusion.
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A Flexible and Recoverable Client/Server Database Event Notification System.
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