Chunxiang Xu

According to our database1, Chunxiang Xu authored at least 93 papers between 2004 and 2019.

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Identity-based proxy-oriented outsourcing with public auditing in cloud-based medical cyber-physical systems.
Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 2019

Secure and Efficient Privacy-Preserving Identity-Based Batch Public Auditing with Proxy Processing.
TIIS, 2019

An Efficient Anonymous Authentication Scheme with Secure Communication in Intelligent Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks.
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CSED: Client-Side encrypted deduplication scheme based on proofs of ownership for cloud storage.
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Identity-based key-exposure resilient cloud storage public auditing scheme from lattices.
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Lattice-based proxy-oriented identity-based encryption with keyword search for cloud storage.
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On error linear complexity of new generalized cyclotomic binary sequences of period p2.
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Identity-based public auditing for cloud storage systems against malicious auditors via blockchain.
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An efficient \(\mathcal{iO}\) -based data integrity verification scheme for cloud storage.
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Trapdoor Security Lattice-Based Public-Key Searchable Encryption with a Designated Cloud Server.
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HealthDep: An Efficient and Secure Deduplication Scheme for Cloud-Assisted eHealth Systems.
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A Security-Enhanced Identity-Based Batch Provable Data Possession Scheme for Big Data Storage.
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Private Blockchain-Based Secure Access Control for Smart Home Systems.
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A dynamic and non-interactive boolean searchable symmetric encryption in multi-client setting.
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Lattice-based searchable public-key encryption scheme for secure cloud storage.
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Efficient multi-receiver identity-based signcryption from lattice assumption.
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Secure searchable public key encryption against insider keyword guessing attacks from indistinguishability obfuscation.
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Pretraining Convolutional Neural Networks for Image-Based Vehicle Classification.
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Efficient Dynamic Integrity Verification for Big Data Supporting Users Revocability.
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An ID-based Hierarchical Access Control Scheme with Constant Size Public Parameter.
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A Secure and Robust Certificateless Public Key Steganography Based on SVD-DDWT.
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PPAM: Privacy-preserving Attributes Matchmaking Protocol for Mobile Social Networks Secure against Malicious Users.
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User-to-User Mutual Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme for LTE Cellular System.
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Enabling identity-based cloud storage public auditing with quantum computers resistance.
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A new group signature scheme for dynamic membership.
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Cloud Storage Access Control Scheme of Ciphertext Algorithm Based on Digital Envelope.
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Analysis and improvement of a fair remote retrieval protocol for private medical records.
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A Practical Forward-Secure Public-Key Encryption Scheme with Untrusted Update.
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A post-quantum communication secure identity-based proxy-signcryption scheme.
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An efficient certificateless deniable authentication protocol without pairings.
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Efficient Pairing-Free Privacy-Preserving Auditing Scheme for Cloud Storage in Distributed Sensor Networks.
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