Craig W. Thompson

According to our database1, Craig W. Thompson authored at least 49 papers between 1982 and 2016.

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Towards a Situation-Aware Architecture for the Wisdom Web of Things.
Proceedings of the Wisdom Web of Things, 2016

Internet of You: Data Big and Small.
IEEE Internet Comput., 2015

Beyond designing for motivation: the importance of context in gamification.
Proceedings of the first ACM SIGCHI annual symposium on Computer-human interaction in play, Toronto, ON, Canada, October 19, 2014

Everything is alive: towards the future wisdom Web of things.
World Wide Web, 2013

Data File Layout Inference Using Content-Based Oracles.
Proceedings of the 16th IEEE International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, 2013

Automatic Composition of ETL Workflows from Business Intents.
Proceedings of the 16th IEEE International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, 2013

Agent-Based Search and Retrieval in Virtual World Environments.
Proceedings of the Information Retrieval and Mining in Distributed Environments, 2011

Virtual World Architectures.
IEEE Internet Comput., 2011

Next-Generation Virtual Worlds: Architecture, Status, and Directions.
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Virtual and Real-World Ontology Services.
IEEE Internet Comput., 2011

Hybrid User Preference Models for Second Life and OpenSimulator Virtual Worlds.
Proceedings of the User Modeling, Adaption and Personalization, 2011

Linking behavior in a virtual world environment.
Proceedings of the 3D technologies for the World Wide Web, 2010

RFID Meets the Internet.
IEEE Internet Comput., 2009

Searching for the metaverse.
Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology, 2009

Intelligent Crawling in Virtual Worlds.
Proceedings of the 2009 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence and International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology, 2009

Modeling Healthcare Logistics in a Virtual World.
IEEE Internet Comput., 2008

Crisis Management.
IEEE Internet Comput., 2008

3D Social Virtual Worlds: Research Issues and Challenges.
IEEE Internet Comput., 2008

Generating Synthetic Data to Match Data Mining Patterns.
IEEE Internet Comput., 2008

Automating File Schema Recognition Via Content-Based Oracles.
Proceedings of the 2008 International Conference on Information & Knowledge Engineering, 2008

Towards a Domain-Specific Modeling Language for Customer Data Integration Workflow.
Proceedings of the Workshops at the Grid and Pervasive Computing Conference, 2008

A parallel general-purpose synthetic data generator.
SIGMOD Rec., 2007

Identity Management.
IEEE Internet Comput., 2007

Workflow Planning on a Grid.
IEEE Internet Comput., 2007

Extending a Natural Language Interface with Geospatial Queries.
IEEE Internet Comput., 2007

Toward a Grid-Based DBMS.
IEEE Internet Comput., 2006

Architecting RFID Middleware.
IEEE Internet Comput., 2006

Automating Workflow for Data Processing in Grid Architecture.
Proceedings of the 2006 International Conference on Information & Knowledge Engineering, 2006

Data Processing Workflow Automation in Grid Architecture.
Proceedings of the Grid and Cooperative Computing Workshops, 2006

Talk to Your Semantic Web.
IEEE Internet Comput., 2005

Digital Licensing.
IEEE Internet Comput., 2005

Smart Devices and Soft Controllers.
IEEE Internet Comput., 2005

Guest Editors' Introduction: Internet Access to Scientific Data.
IEEE Internet Comput., 2005

IEEE Internet Comput., 2004

Agents, Grids, and Middleware.
IEEE Internet Comput., 2004

Everything Is Alive.
IEEE Internet Comput., 2004

Coalition Agents Experiment: Multiagent Cooperation in International Coalitions.
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Intermediary Architecture: Interposing Middleware Object Services between Web Client and Server.
ACM Comput. Surv., 1999

The Changing Database Standards Landscape.
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Evaluation of the Object Query Service Submissions to the Object Management Group.
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Architecture of an Open Object-Oriented Database Management System.
Computer, 1992

Report on the Object-Oriented Database Workshop, Held in Conjuction with OOPSLA '88.
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Querying an Object-Oriented Hypermedia System.
Proceedings of the Hypertext: State of the Art. Papers presented at the Hypertext 2 conference, 1989

Menu-Based Natural Language Interfaces to Databases.
IEEE Database Eng. Bull., 1985

Using a menu-based natural language interface to ask map- and graph-valued database queries.
Proceedings of the 1985 ACM annual conference on The range of computing: mid-80's perspective: mid-80's perspective, 1985

A toolkit for building "menu-based natural language" interfaces.
Proceedings of the 1985 ACM annual conference on The range of computing: mid-80's perspective: mid-80's perspective, 1985

Building Usable Menu-Based Natural Language Interfaces To Databases.
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, October 31, 1983

Menu-Based Natural Language Understanding.
Proceedings of the 21st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, 1983

Research at Texas Instruments, Inc.
SIGART Newsl., 1982