Dana Pardubská

According to our database1, Dana Pardubská authored at least 39 papers between 1989 and 2023.

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One-side Pumping and Two-side Pumping by Complete CF(¢, $)-grammars.
Proceedings of the 23rd Conference Information Technologies, 2023

On Pumping RP-automata Controlled by Complete LRG(\cent, $)-grammars.
Proceedings of the 22nd Conference Information Technologies, 2022

Lexicalized Syntactic Analysis by Two-Way Restarting Automata.
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On Separations of LR(0)-Grammars by Two Types of Pumping Patterns.
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Exploration of Time-Varying Connected Graphs with Silent Agents.
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Improved Lower Bounds for Shoreline Search.
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Randomization in Non-Uniform Finite Automata.
Proceedings of the 45th International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, 2020

Pumping Deterministic Monotone Restarting Automata and DCFL.
Proceedings of the 20th Conference Information Technologies, 2020

Lexicalized Syntactic Analysis by Restarting Automata.
Proceedings of the Prague Stringology Conference 2019, 2019

Lexically Syntactic Characterization by Restarting Automata.
Proceedings of the 19th Conference Information Technologies, 2019

Robustness versus Sensibility by Two-Way Restarting Automata.
Proceedings of the 18th Conference Information Technologies, 2018

Isometric gene tree reconciliation revisited.
Algorithms Mol. Biol., 2017

Treasure Hunt with Barely Communicating Agents.
Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Principles of Distributed Systems, 2017

Analysis by reduction of analytical PDT-trees.
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Analysis by Reduction, the Prague Dependency Treebank): Redukční Analýza a Pražský Závislostní Korpus.
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On the complexity of reductions by restarting automata.
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Factoring and testing primes in small space.
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Unary Coded NP-Complete Languages in Aspace(log log n).
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Parallel communicating grammar systems with regular control and skeleton preserving FRR automata.
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Measuring the problem-relevant information in input.
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Wireless Mobile Computing and its Links to Descriptive Complexity.
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How Much Information about the Future Is Needed?
Proceedings of the SOFSEM 2008: Theory and Practice of Computer Science, 2008

Leader Election in Extremely Unreliable Rings and Complete Networks.
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On PCGS and FRR-automata.
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