Daniele Pannone

According to our database1, Daniele Pannone authored at least 17 papers between 2016 and 2021.

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Forward-looking sonar image compression by integrating keypoint clustering and morphological skeleton.
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A UAV Video Dataset for Mosaicking and Change Detection From Low-Altitude Flights.
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Bodyprint - A Meta-Feature Based LSTM Hashing Model for Person Re-Identification.
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Homography vs similarity transformation in aerial mosaicking: which is the best at different altitudes?
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Design of a 3D Platform for Immersive Neurocognitive Rehabilitation.
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A Vision-Based System for Internal Pipeline Inspection.
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Automatic Deception Detection in RGB videos using Facial Action Units.
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VRheab: a fully immersive motor rehabilitation system based on recurrent neural network.
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Visual Cryptography for Detecting Hidden Targets by Small-Scale Robots.
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A Rover-based System for Searching Encrypted Targets in Unknown Environments.
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A Practical Framework for the Development of Augmented Reality Applications by using ArUco Markers.
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