David Beech

According to our database1, David Beech authored at least 24 papers between 1970 and 1998.

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Position Paper on Query Languages for the Web.
Proceedings of the Query Languages Workshop, Boston, 1998

Data Semantics on the Information Superhighway.
Proceedings of the Database Applications Semantics, Proceedings of the Sixth IFIP TC-2 Working Conference on Data Semantics (DS-6), Stone Mountain, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, May 30, 1995

Collections of Objects in SQL3.
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Unification of Value and Object ADTs
ANSI X3H2, 1992

Multimedia Database Depelopment in Japan.
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Object Oriented DBMS as a Generalization of Relational DBMS
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"The Committee for Advanced DBMS Function": Third Generation Data Base System Manifesto.
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Third-Generation Database System Manifesto - The Committee for Advanced DBMS Function.
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Overview of the Iris DBMS.
Proceedings of the Research Foundations in Object-Oriented and Semantic Database System, 1990

Overview of the Iris DBMS.
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Intensional Concepts in an Object Database Model.
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Generalized Version Control in an Object-Oriented Database.
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A Foundation for Evolution from Relational to Object Databases.
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Iris: An Object-Oriented Database Management System.
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Groundwork for an Object Database Model.
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Intensional Concepts in an Object Database Model.
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Modularity in the Design and Standardisation of Open Systems.
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Object Oriented Database Systems and Knowledge Systems.
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The Integrated Data Model: A Database Perspective.
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A Reference Model for Command and Response Languages.
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Modularity of Computer Languages.
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Criteria for a standard command language based on data abstraction.
Proceedings of the American Federation of Information Processing Societies: 1982 National Computer Conference, 1982

On the Definitional Method of Standard PL/1.
Proceedings of the Conference Record of the ACM Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages, 1973

A Structural View of PL/I.
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