David C. Alsop

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According to our database1, David C. Alsop authored at least 28 papers between 2002 and 2023.

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Affine image registration of arterial spin labeling MRI using deep learning networks.
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Inhomogeneous Magnetization Transfer (ihMT) imaging in the acute cuprizone mouse model of demyelination/remyelination.
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Effects of tDCS dose and electrode montage on regional cerebral blood flow and motor behavior.
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Characterization of the cortical myeloarchitecture with inhomogeneous magnetization transfer imaging (ihMT).
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Rotated spiral RARE for high spatial and temporal resolution volumetric arterial spin labeling acquisition.
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Choroid Plexus Segmentation Using Optimized 3D U-Net.
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Validating the sensitivity of inhomogeneous magnetization transfer (ihMT) MRI to myelin with fluorescence microscopy.
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A comparison of inhomogeneous magnetization transfer, myelin volume fraction, and diffusion tensor imaging measures in healthy children.
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Contributors to contrast between glioma and brain tissue in chemical exchange saturation transfer sensitive imaging at 3 Tesla.
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Resting-state cerebral blood flow in amygdala is modulated by sex and serotonin transporter genotype.
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A quantitative method for correlating observations of decreased apparent diffusion coefficient with elevated cerebral blood perfusion in newborns presenting cerebral ischemic insults.
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