David E. Hudak

According to our database1, David E. Hudak authored at least 19 papers between 1990 and 2021.

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Open OnDemand: State of the platform, project, and the future.
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Open OnDemand as a Platformfor Virtual Learning in Higher Education.
Proceedings of Sixth International Congress on Information and Communication Technology, 2021

Data Commons to Support University-Wide Cross Discipline Research.
Proceedings of the Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing on Rise of the Machines (learning), 2019

Scaling R Shiny Apps to Multiple Concurrent Users in a Secured HPC Environment Using Open OnDemand.
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Open OnDemand: HPC for Everyone.
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Open OnDemand: Transforming Computational Science Through Omnidisciplinary Software Cyberinfrastructure.
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Experiences from Cyberinfrastructure Development for Multi-user Remote Instrumentation.
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Compiling parallel loops for high performance computers: Partitioning, data assignment, and remapping.
PhD thesis, 1992

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